A21 safety package

Highways England has committed to deliver a suite of safety improvements along the A21 route corridor from Sevenoaks to Hastings. We have brought forward this package of works in recognition of the safety improvements they will make to the travelling public and local communities.

Start date December 2020
End date December 2024
Cost Estimated £20m

Latest updates

  • 09 April 2021

    What we're doing this spring

    Since starting the project, we have reviewed 10 years-worth of safety data for the A21. This has helped us refine our proposals so there’s a tangible safety benefit for road users.

    We’re looking at where best to put signs and we’re analysing how different road markings could increase safety. Our work on signs includes signs for junctions, schools, villages and hazards.

    We’ve also started a review of speed limits along the route to see if those currently in place match the characteristic of the road and if they are encouraging positive driver behaviours.

  • 04 December 2020

    Preparation for the A21 Safety Package scheme begins

    Highways England is considering a number of measures to improve safety along the A21.  

    Details of specific sites and interventions that are under consideration in our preliminary design stage on the A21 can be found in these documents:

    Link 1 – M25 to Tonbridge
    Link 2 – Tonbridge to Lamberhurst
    Link 3 - Lamberhurst to Hurst Green
    Link 4 – Hurst Green to Hastings

Project information


The A21 has, for many years, suffered from a significant level of collisions.

We are bringing forward a series of schemes to improve safety along this corridor, which will include, amongst others:

  • junction improvements
  • improvements to road alignment and visibility
  • changes to speed limits
  • improved signing, markings and road studs

This work is to improve safety and won't improve capacity along the A21. We'll be looking at that as part of our 'route strategy' work which is due to start shortly.

Improving safety along the A21 - reducing the number, severity and frequency of incidents for the travelling public and local communities

Improving the customer experience of the A21

Reducing journey time delays as a result of a reduction in incidents


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