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We are investigating the case for improvements to the A66 between the M6 at Penrith and A1 at Scotch Corner.

Region:  North West
Start date:  TBC
Cost:  TBC
Status:  PLANNED
Type:  Major Scheme
End date:  TBC

Progress report

The Government commissioned us to deliver the North Trans-Pennine Routes Project, investigating some of the biggest challenges facing the road network in the north including the potential to create a new strategic corridor in the region linking the M6 at Penrith and A1 at Scotch Corner. For more information, please visit the Road Investment Strategy: post 2020 - Northern Trans-Pennine web page.

We are examining the case for dualling the A66 and considering other improvements along its length. In addition to creating a strategic corridor, we will also seek to improve safety and create a more reliable and resilient route. We are currently carrying out an appraisal of possible options which would inform the development of our strategic and economic case.

What's next?

We will be working with local and national stakeholders over the coming months to develop ideas. We will also review data provided by traffic models, consider economic benefits and identify potential environmental impacts and find ways to reduce any negative effects, where appropriate. Once we have fully identified ideas, we will consult with the wider public.


Date Event
Autumn 2018 Completion of options identification and short-listing
Winter 2018 Decision to proceed
Spring/Summer 2019 Public consultation
Winter 2019 Preferred route announcement

Why we need this scheme

The A66 is an important route, linking the north west and north east of the country and providing vital connections for businesses in the regions. The A66 is important to the continued development of the economy in the north of the country and the aspirations associated with the “Northern Powerhouse”.

Investigations are underway to examine the case for dualling the road and making other improvements along its length to support future local and national growth and development.


A66 Northern Trans-Pennine project provides the opportunity to:

  • improve journey times, reliability and resilience on the A66 between the junctions with the A1 and M6
  • improve strategic regional and national connectivity, particularly for freight and tourism
  • provide a more attractive alternative route to the M62 for some east-west crossing movements
  • reduce accidents along the route
  • reduce delays at the A66/A6 Junction
  • reduce physical barriers for communities
  • improve air quality and noise for those that live and work along the route
  • improve connectivity between key employment areas of Cumbria, Tees Valley and Tyne and Wear areas
  • improve access to key tourist destinations such as the North Pennines and the Lake District
  • contribute to the future economic growth of the north of England, supporting the growth envisaged by the Northern Powerhouse

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