A47 Wansford to Sutton dualling

The A47 Wansford to Sutton is a 2.5km section of the A47 between the A1/A47 junction and an existing roundabout at Nene Way. This is to be upgraded to a dual carriageway.

Region:  East
Start date:  2020-2021
Cost:  £50 million - £100 million
Status:  PLANNED
Type:  Major Scheme
End date:  TBC
Programme:  A47 corridor improvement programme

Progress report

The consultation has now closed. Thank you to everybody who has taken part and completed the feedback form. Where appropriate, we’ll use the feedback to make further refinements to our proposed design and development of mitigation measures.

What's next?

We'll publish a consultation report in due course. This will feature a summary of responses and will describe how our proposals have been informed by and influenced by them. This will form part of our planning application and will be available to the public following submission of the application. We expect to submit our planning application in spring 2019.


Date Event
Spring 2019 Submit the Development Consent Order application - you can still comment on proposals at this stage
Autumn 2020 Start of works
Winter 2021/22 Open for traffic

Why we need this scheme

The A47 Wansford to Sutton is a 2.5km section of the A47 between the A1/A47 junction and an existing roundabout at Nene Way.

The junction with the A1 experiences peak time congestion particularly on the southbound off slip and there is a history of fatal and serious collisions along this stretch of road. This is associated with right turns at the at-grade junctions and accesses.


The aims and objectives of the Wansford to Sutton Dualling scheme are to:

  • contribute to sustainable economic growth by supporting employment and residential development opportunities
  • reduce congestion-related delay, improving journey time reliability and increasing the overall capacity of the A47
  • improve road safety for all road users by designing the road to modern highway standards appropriate for a major A road
  • increase reliability, reducing journey times and providing capacity for future traffic growth
  • provide a safer route between communities for cyclists, pedestrians, equestrians and other non-motorised users

The scheme in detail

The A47 Wansford to Sutton is a 2.5km section of the A47 between the A1/A47 junction and an existing roundabout at Nene Way. This is to be upgraded to a dual carriageway and will be constructed slightly to the north of the existing A47 for approximately 800m before crossing the existing A47 where it will be constructed to the south of the existing road until it ties into the existing dual carriageway east of Nene Way.

To the west of the scheme a new free flow lane is to be constructed connecting the existing A1 southbound carriageway to the new A47 eastbound carriageway. An underbridge will also be constructed towards the western end of the scheme providing access to Sacrewell Farm and Country Centre.

Another underbridge is to be constructed under the A47 where the proposed new road crosses a disused railway line to the west of Sutton Heath Road. A larger roundabout is to replace the existing Nene Way roundabout to the east of the scheme. A connection with Sutton Heath Road will also be added north of the Nene Way roundabout by incorporating parts of the existing A47 single carriageway. The existing dumbbell roundabout at the A1/A47 junction and the Nene Way roundabout near Sutton are to be revised.

The new A47 will then tie into the existing alignment at the Nene Way roundabout where the existing road is already a dual carriageway.

How we chose our preferred option

Having reviewed the feedback following the consultation from 13 March 2017 to 21 April 2017, and completed a number of other assessments, we're proceeding with an amended version of Option 2 presented at this consultation.

Option 2 solves the main traffic and safety problems along the route. It has significant advantages in terms of environmental impact when compared to Option 3 and will have less impact during construction when compared to Option 1.

Key concerns raised in the 2017 consultation have influenced an amendment to the original proposal. The new dual carriageway will be moved as close as possible to the southern edge of the existing A47 at the eastern end of the scheme. This would:

  • increase the distance from the new road to both the River Nene and the village of Sutton
  • reduce the amount of land take required
  • allow for the easiest connection of existing side roads to the new A47
  • allow for most of the existing A47 to remain in place for local traffic
  • improve provision for pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians

You can find more detailed information on the Preferred Route Announcement in the leaflet below. The consultation report can also be found in the Project media files and documents section below.

Further information

The guides below outline the procedures we follow when delivering large road schemes and how compensation can be claimed for the affects on residential, agricultural and other property from the use of new roads or alterations to existing roads operated by Highways England.

If you have any questions or you would like to discuss your particular circumstances please contact the project team at A47WansfordtoSuttonRIS@highwaysengland.co.uk or call 0300 470 2700.

Project media files and documents

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