Historical Railways - partnership working

Some of the structures are iconic features of our landscape and are enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. Our team works closely with local authorities, UK active travel charities Sustrans and Railway Paths, as well as other organisations. 

Although we’re only funded to maintain safety, we work with many organisations to help them take on the structures or lease them from us. These organisations may then re-purpose the structures for walking and cycling routes.

Our work with Railway Paths

We have a close working relationship with Railway Paths which owns and manages former railway land for active travel use. We support them by providing technical engineering expertise, to help them keep their structures safe. This includes assessing the condition of several of their bridges, to help them to identify where work may be required.  

We are discussing transfer of historic railway structures across to them. This will allow them to work in partnership with community groups and local authorities to create new walking and cycling routes.

Our work with Sustrans

We lease a large number of structures to Sustrans as part of cycling and walking routes. Most of these are bridges that carry public roads over old railway branch lines. But there are also some large viaducts.

Case study: Crosshouse Ardrossan-Kilmarnock, Scotland

We have worked with Ayreshire Roads Alliance and Sustrans to ensure that national cycle network route 73 can pass underneath the Crosshouse bridge. We are infilling beneath the structure and diverting the cycle route from one arch to another, passing through a new opening in the new embankment. Our work is due to finish in summer 2021. Once complete we will transfer ownership to the local council.  

Dimbath bridge, Wales
Dimbath bridge, Wales