About the project

The A66 is a key local, regional and national route for east/west journeys in the north of England providing vital connections for freight, tourism and businesses across the UK.

About the project
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The route carries high levels of freight, with 25% of the traffic being heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), more than twice the national average for a road of this nature.

While the A66 plays a crucial role in the life of nearby communities, it is also essential for journeys across the UK. It offers the most direct route between the central belt of Scotland and the eastern side of England and connects the north-east to the north-west and Midlands.

It also plays an important role for tourism, providing access to the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District National Park.

But the A66 isn’t up to modern standards. Drivers face congestion, delays at key junctions and substandard access to jobs and leisure locations. That is why we are investigating ways to improve journeys on the A66 by raising the whole route to dual carriageway standard.

Investment in the A66 is essential to the continued development of the economy in the north of the country. Dualling the road and making other improvements along its length will support local and national economic growth and development.


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