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Taking part in innovation

To get involved with innovation at Highways England, you can contact us if you can help with our key themes and challenges, and get involved in any targeted research and innovation competitions we either run or support.

Connecting with us

How to get in touch with us if you can help with our key themes and challenges:

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Challenges and Competitions

To help us solve some of our challenges, we plan to run targeted research and innovation competitions. These competitions will support the transformation of the strategic road network by unlocking new knowledge for our future. The challenges will be informed by our innovation themes, and business requirements, and will support our three imperatives, safety, delivery and customer service.

Competitions will be aimed at a wide cross section of our research and innovation network both with existing and new innovation partners. Funding will be available for the best projects which support our three imperatives and long term vision and align to the challenge’s brief. These will either be run by, or supported by Highways England.

Competitions we have been involved with

Highways UK 2017 Intelligent Infrastructure Hub
Highways England’s Challenge
Status: Awarded

We believe that new emerging technology has the potential to have a significant influence and impact on safety performance. Therefore, we are reaching out to industry seeking ways to take advantage of innovative technology to improve safety.

Project/company: Valerann

Concept: Real time traffic monitoring using intelligent road studs – turning roadstuds into smart connected devices, making ITS accessible to roads that could not afford it until now. It offers an end-to-end traffic monitoring and management solution with high resolution data providing operators and drivers with a real-time understanding of road and traffic conditions on a lane-by-lane and vehicle-by vehicle basis.

Current Project

Project aim: To demonstrate an economically viable solution for traffic monitoring and control in any road. This could have beneficial impacts on customer safety, journeys and road maintenance.


Roads for the Future
Status: Applications closed

Highways England alongside the National Infrastructure Commission and Innovate UK is conducting a new innovation prize, for ideas on how to deliver a world-class road network in the UK ready for connected and autonomous vehicles: Roads for the Future.


A share of up to £200,000 is available for ideas to change road design, management and use, to maximise the benefits of connected and autonomous vehicles.

Current Partners National Infrastructure

Project aim: Innovative ideas to change how UK roads are designed, managed and used, to maximise the benefits of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs).

The competition will cover 3 broad themes:

• Road design, including road-related infrastructure.
• Traffic management.
• Road rules and regulations.