Designated funds

Users and communities fund

Whether you travel on our roads, or live and work near them, we’re listening and responding to your needs.

Society relies on our road network for work journeys and home deliveries, visits to friends and family, holidays and the goods and services we all depend on.

As technology and travel evolves, this fund is helping us look beyond road journeys to do more for our customers and neighbours. It has six themes aimed at meeting their needs:

Integration – Improving how our roads integrate with other local and national roads and modes of travel, connecting the country through seamless journeys.

Walkers, cyclists and horse riders – Building new infrastructure, and enhancing existing facilities, to encourage sustainable, non-motorised forms of transport.

Roadside facilities – Enhancing roadside facilities for anyone who needs to stop and take a break.

Communities – Supporting the communities most affected by changes to our network, understanding their priorities and requirements.

Freight – Making improvements for the UK’s vital freight and road haulage sector, which contributes £11 billion each year to the economy.

Information – Helping road users make informed decisions, feel safe and stay in control of their journeys.