Students get interactive at World Skills Live

We went to the World Skills Live show in November for the first time (under the Year of Engineering campaign umbrella), where we opened up the exciting world of technology and engineering to around 75,000 students over the course of the three-day event.

Three virtual reality simulations, including a virtual reality hub, motorway traffic management and working at heights activities were projected to screens and students taking part by wearing a VR headset could be watched by their classmates and parents. The Highways England team were delighted with the response the virtual reality programs received, and were able to show students videos and site drawings, and also what it’s like to feel working at 25 metres above the ground, not to mention flying a helicopter above a motorway!

Through these fun and interactive activities our team chatted to students about the job opportunities available at Highways England, how VR helps our business and the work that goes into building and maintaining the country’s strategic road network.

Student using virtual reality headset

Organiser Claudia Penco was delighted with how engaged the students were and said that many were surprised to see how computer software, programmes, games and VR are being used in a work environment to create an interactive way of learning. Using technology to engage with the students demonstrated that their skills and interests could help them win a place in many businesses in the future.

She said: “The show was a great chance to take things from our business and relate it back to the interests of the students. I think there is a lot of value in doing hands on demos which get students interested and enthused. It opens up conversations and leaves lasting impressions, and hopefully they will think of Highways England when determining the next stage of their careers”

The World Skills Show, held at the NEC Birmingham is an annual event aimed at showcasing a number of different jobs and skills, from hairdressing and beauty to trade skills (brickwork, carpentry etc) the army, fire service, police, ambulance, NHS, IT companies and car manufacturers.

Student using virtual reality headset