M62 junction 28 to junction 29 Ardsley Bridge westbound waterproofing

John Simpson

Work to re-waterproof and subsequently resurface the westbound deck of Ardsley Rail Bridge

There will be a full closure of the M62 westbound carriageway, M1(north) to M62 (west) free flow link, west bound entry at junction 29/42 from Lofthouse top deck and the closure of the M1(S) to M62 (W) low level free flow link. This will allow for the removal and replacement of bituminous surfacing and deck re-waterproofing

Please note, this work was originally planned to take place in June, but was postponed because of bad weather

The full weekend closure will take place during September. For more information please check the roadworks planner.

A full weekend closure will allow us to carry out the work as quickly as possible – reducing disruption to motorists. If we were to carry out the work under lane closures the work would need to take place over six weeks (which would include the peak periods during the week) and we believe this would cause even more disruption in the Leeds area. This full weekend closure is the safest way of undertaking the work to minimise the risk to both the workforce and drivers.


Traffic heading west will continue north on the M1, then proceed along the M621 before re-entering the M62 at junction 27.

Traffic only going as far as M62 junction 28 will follow the above route but then leave the M621 at junction 1 and travel south on the A6110.

Traffic heading south on the M1 will exit at junction 44.

Traffic heading east on the M62 will be diverted up to junction 44 and back to junction 42 to re-join the M62 eastbound carriageway via the eastbound entry slip.

Traffic heading south on the M1 will be diverted up to junction 30 (M62) and back to junction 29/42 where it will take the westbound exit and re-join the M1 south via the entry slip road.

The eastside gyratory of Lofthouse roundabout will be closed also.

This information leaflet contains maps of the diversion routes.