M606 High Occupancy Vehicle lane

John Simpson

We have concluded our consultation to permanently suspend restrictions on traffic using the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane on the M606 southbound and M62 eastbound entry slip road at junction 26 (Chain Bar).

You can view the report here

The HOV lane was originally introduced in 2008 to reduce congestion by encouraging car sharing on the busy route between Bradford and Leeds. The restrictions on using the HOV lane were temporarily suspended as part of our Chain Bar roundabout improvement scheme. A further suspension has been in force since 2018 while we’ve carried out monitoring and feasibility work.

We will now start the process to revoke the Statutory Instrument relating to the HOV lane with the Department for Transport with a view to implementing the scheme by March 2020. This will prevent congestion that leads to queuing on the M606 approach to the Chain Bar roundabout. This queuing impacts on the operation of the junction and occasionally disrupts traffic on the M62 which is a safety concern.

What will we do?

During the removal of the High Occupancy Vehicle lane restrictions, we will resurface the former HOV lane, improve the road markings and signage – making journeys safer and smoother. We will also remove the traffic lights on the slip road which will further ease congestion and reduce delays for drivers at this busy junction. These changes form part of our congestion relief fund work.

For more information, or to provide your feedback, contact us at: m606m62hov@highwaysengland.co.uk.