M6 Gathurst Viaduct

Scott Gaskin

Works to repair the road surface of the Gathurst Viaduct to improve its quality and to reduce the need for future maintenance work. This will include waterproofing and resurfacing to repair potholes.

For infomration on roadworks, check the roadworks finder.


M6 northbound closure between Junction 26 and 27:

Exit the M6 at Junction 26 and proceed as follows: A577 eastbound to Saddle Junction, A49 eastbound and northbound (via Wigan Town Centre), A5209 westbound, to M6 Junction 27 roundabout re-join the M6 northbound.

M6 southbound closure between Junction 27 and 26:

Exit the M6 at Junction 27 and proceed as follows: A5209 eastbound, A49 southbound and westbound (via Wigan Town Centre) to Saddle Junction, A577 westbound to Junction 26 Orrell Interchange to re-join the M6 southbound.