A64 Grassland Corridor

Theresa Morley

We’re carrying out a range of measures to enhance the grassland and improve biodiversity in key identified areas around York, the Howardian Hills, Malton and Seamer on a number of slip roads and the main A64 verges.

Work started on this scheme at the end of 2018/19 with phase 1 of the scheme and we’ve now started on phase 2. This work involves mowing the existing grassed areas, clearing any scrub and smaller trees/vegetation, preparing the soil, and planting wildflower plants and spreading wildflower seed mixes.

We’ll have lane closures on slip roads and the dual carriageway sections with either temporary traffic lights or mobile working on single carriageway sections.

In the future we hope to see a colourful carpet of grasses and wildflowers along these sections of the A64 to encourage wildlife to thrive, while creating a beautiful corridor for drivers.

For more information about roadworks, please check the Roadworks Calendar.