A64 Bramham to York – safety barrier renewal

Theresa Morley

Replacement of 10 miles of the central reserve barrier, renewal of a 240m timber fence and improvements to footpath crossing points on the A64 between Bramham and York.

Phase 1 of the work will cover the stretch of the A64 from the A1(M) at Bramham to Tadcaster, and Phase 2 will cover the next section from Tadcaster to York.

The majority of this work will be carried out at night. The speed limit will be reduced to 40mph both during the day and night-time. By doing this we will be able to maintain two standard-width lanes open in each direction during the day which will minimise disruption for drivers.

This will also allow us to complete the work in a shorter time. Phase 2 will also be split into two shorter sections to reduce the length of temporary speed limit for drivers.

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