A5 Towcester High Street

Theresa Morley

We will be carrying out essential maintenance work on the A5 from the road bridge over the River Tove southbound towards the junction of the A5 with Marlow Road, Towcester.

During this comprehensive scheme of work, we will undertake extensive repairs to the existing drainage system. We will also install new pipework and collection chambers, which will increase the drainage capacity and prevent flooding.

Our work also includes the reinstatement of a trench over a gas main that runs between the south side of the junction at Brackley and Northampton Roads and The Lindens.

We will resurface the carriageway and replace some footways and kerbs. To deliver the best possible road surface we will refresh associated road markings and high friction surfacing, and install road studs and traffic loops.

When will work take place?

Following discussions with Towcester Town Council, we have agreed to increase our usual construction working hours so we can keep our programme for these works as short as possible.

Work is due to start on 23 July 2018 and is scheduled for completion by the middle of November 2018. During this period we will work:

  • two shifts per day (between 7am and midnight) Monday to Friday
  • one shift (between 7am and 5pm) on Saturday
  • one shift (between 8am and 4pm) on Sunday

Please note that all our planned roadworks may be subject to change due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances.

For more information on roadworks, please check our Roadworks Finder.

How will the work affect traffic?

To maintain a safe environment for our workforce and road users and pedestrians, the A5 at Towcester will be closed to through traffic. During this closure we will:

  • temporarily close the gaps in the central reservation on the A43, between the junction with Tiffield Road and the junction with Towcester Road
  • put in place fully signed diversion routes, which have been agreed with the Local Authority. These are:
    • Northbound through traffic – from Old Stratford roundabout north along the A508 to M1 junction 15, then M1 North to junction 15a and A43 South to the A5 at Tove roundabout
    • Southbound through traffic – from Tove roundabout north along the A43 to M1 junction 15a, then M1 South to junction 15 and A508 South to the A5 at Old Stratford roundabout
  • temporarily lift one-way restrictions to enable access and egress only for businesses and residents in Park Street and Browns Yard; businesses and residents in Moat Lane and Chantry Lane and visitors to St. Lawrence Church

Pedestrian access will be maintained at all times.

How will the work affect access and parking?

To minimise disruption to the local community, we will split our work into 4 phases. Please refer to this drawing for further detailed information about each phase. For construction and programming reasons we will carry out works in the following order: Phase 1, Phase 4, Phases 2a, 2b and 2c and finally Phase 3.

The car parks on Northampton Road and Richmond Road will remain open as usual. The Market Square car park will remain open, except during phase 2 of the works.

Vehicles can continue to park along the A5 Towcester High Street, outside of our working zones. We will issue colour-coded ‘access only’ permits to residents and businesses with off road parking which falls within our working zones. These permits will be arranged before the start of each phase.

How will the work affect business?

Towcester will be open for business as usual during our works.

As well as keeping the car parks open, we have worked with all public transport providers to make sure we keep the buses running through the town. Road signs will encourage visitors to the High Street, access to all businesses will be maintained and we will make sure pedestrians can cross the roads safely, even in our working zones.

How will the work affect residents?

Access to all properties within Towcester will be maintained at all times. Our works should not affect any deliveries* or services.

*If you live in Towcester, please remember that the A5 Watling Street will remain closed to through traffic until all works have been completed. So, it is important you advise private transport providers (e.g. taxis) and delivery vehicles to use an appropriate route in and out of the town. They must also be mindful of the limited places available to park and turn around.