Residents talk about how the A303 impacts their day-to-day lives
October 22, 2019

The A303 scheme past Stonehenge will improve the quality of life for residents in surrounding villages in a number of ways

Janice Hassett lives in Shrewton. The village of 1,700 residents has suffered from rat running for years.

Roger Fisher, Amesbury town Councillor, lives north of the A303 and is regularly caught up in traffic queues.

Myra Bennett, British Horse Society County Access Officer for Wiltshire, lives 10 miles away from the A303 and when travelling to the west country has to change her route depending on traffic queues past Stonehenge.

Dave Hassett lives in Shrewton. He talks about how fellow residents don’t feel safe walking in the village due to the volume of large vehicles passing through its narrow lanes.

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