A1 Alnwick to Ellingham schemeRecently updated

Proposals to improve the A1 between Morpeth and Felton and Alnwick and Ellingham by providing additional road capacity and enabling greater access to and from Northumberland.

Region:  North East
Start date:  2019/2020
Cost:  TBC
Status:  PLANNED
Type:  Major Scheme
End date:  TBC
Programme:  A1 in Northumberland

Progress report

We held a public consultation between November and December 2016. In September 2017 we made our preferred route announcement. You can read more about this in the preferred route announcement brochure.

We are currently developing our proposals ahead of a public consultation in early 2019. We are also currently carrying out a number of geotechnical and environmental surveys.

What's next

We plan to hold a public consultation on the detailed design for this scheme in early 2019. We’ll then review all the suggestions and comments received to finalise the design, setting out a summary of them in a consultation report. This will form part of our application for a Development Consent Order (DCO).

A DCO is a special type of planning application, which is needed for a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP). Following the submission of the DCO application, the Planning Inspectorate will hold a public examination before making a recommendation to the Secretary of State for Transport who will decide whether or not the project should go ahead.

Up until then we will continue to survey the route and develop our design, with the project due to start on site in 2021, and construction to be completed by 2023.


Event Date
Scheme announced in the Road Investment Strategy 2014
Public exhibitions May 2016
Have your say (public consultation) November-December 2016
Preferred route announcement 2017
Further consultation and application for development consent 2019
DCO submission Late 2019
Start of work 2021
Open for traffic 2023

Why we need this scheme

The A1 is one of the longest roads in the country, connecting London and Edinburgh. The route currently consists of motorway and dual carriageways, with some sections of single carriageway between Morpeth and Ellingham.

In Northumberland, the A1 takes motorists through rural countryside and close to the coastline. This section of the A1 is used by a wide variety of people for many different reasons. This includes people travelling long-distance between Newcastle and Edinburgh for work, local traffic accessing rural areas and tourists who come to visit the coastline and the area’s many historic attractions.

The scheme in detail

The A1 Alnwick to Ellingham dualling upgrade involves widening the A1 to dual carriageway along the existing single carriageway road. There will be one new junction at South Charlton, connecting the A1, B6341 and B6347. Access will be provided for businesses and properties to the new junctions. Farm access and the bridleway/public right of way near Broxfield will be maintained via a bridge.


The scheme aims to:

  • improve journey times and journey time reliability
  • improve safety
  • enable economic growth in Northumberland
  • create a continuous dual carriageway standard from Newcastle to Ellingham

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