A69 junction improvements

Improvements to the A69/A68 Styford Junction in Corbridge and A69/A6079 Bridge End Junction in Hexham

Region:  North East
Start date:  Autumn 2019
Cost:  ¬£30 million
Status:  PLANNED
Type:  Improvement Scheme
End date:  Spring 2021

Progress report

Thank you to everyone who attended our drop in information session. Over 160 people came to talk to the project team and see how we're planning to construct turning places just 200m away from the existing roundabout. We've worked hard to try and minimise disruption and this was welcomed by many of the visitors who came to see us. Of course not everyone was happy. We collected their comments and suggestions and we will reply to them directly soon.

We've been working with our contractors to find the least disruptive way to keep traffic moving while we build the new junction at Bridge End. We've now found a way to extend the existing roundabout so that during the work drivers will only face diversions of around 200 metres from the existing route.

We're currently relocating some cabling/services and will start the main construction work in October 2019.

What's next?

From October 2019 to May 2020 the existing roundabout will be open with some lane restrictions while we build the temporary turnings.

Two lanes will be used to approach the roundabout from Newcastle, with one lane dedicated to turning into Hexham and the other for turning right or through traffic.

There will also be two lanes approaching the roundabout from Carlisle towards Hexham, with one dedicated to turning right towards Hexham and the other for through traffic.

Once work on Bridge End is started we'll revisit plans for the Styford roundabout, presenting options we develop to the public for consultation.

Styford junction artist's impression


Date Event
August/summer 2018 Public information events
September 2019 Information event/mailout to residents and businesses
October 2019 Start of main construction
End of March 2021 New A69 open to traffic

Why we need this scheme

Bridge End junction artist's impression

The A69 is an important route between Newcastle and Carlisle that helps connect Scotland and the Tyne and Wear. It provides an arterial link between the north east and north west of England that is heavily used by hauliers and commuters.

However, the A69 between Hexham and Newcastle is a particularly busy section, and there are often delays at peak travel times, particularly at the Bridge End and Styford roundabouts.

In recognition of the importance of this route, in 2016 we carried out the Northern Trans-Pennine Strategic Study which looked at how we could improve the A66 and A69, to increase trans-Pennine connectivity.

As a result of this study, in March 2017 we announced a £220 million package of improvements as part of our congestion relief fund. This included two junction improvements along the A69, one at the A69/A6079 Bridge End roundabout and one at the A69/A68 Styford roundabout.


These improvements will:

  • create 18 miles of free-flowing dual carriageway between Newcastle and Hexham
  • reduce congestion at the junctions
  • improve access from the A69 and into Hexham
  • make journey times more reliable
  • support economic growth within the North of England

The scheme in detail

We'll make improvements to the A69/A6079 Bridge End and the A69/A68 Styford roundabouts as part of our package of improvements to relieve congestion.

We plan to turn the current junctions, which are traditional roundabout arrangements into grade-separated junctions (you’ll have to go up or down a slip road to leave the A69). This means that traffic travelling along the A69 between Hexham and Newcastle will no longer have to stop at these junctions, allowing motorists a free-flowing journey.

At Styford junction the A69 will be built over the roundabout. At Bridge End junction the A69 will go underneath the roundabout. Our proposals will incorporate new bridges as well as upgrading the existing roundabouts where required.

We’ll build both junctions at the same time but will start work on the Bridge End junction slightly earlier so that we can minimise waste by using leftover materials to construct Styford.

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