A63 Castle Street

Proposals to improve a section of the A63 Castle Street in Hull.

Region:  North East
Start date:  March 2020
Cost:  £355 million
Status:  PLANNED
Type:  Major Scheme
End date:  2024-25

Progress report

We’ve submitted our development consent order application back in September 2018 and further information on the application and the process can be found on the Planning Inspectorate’s website.

The scheme boundary can be found under the media and documents section.

We've also started building the landmark pedestrian footbridge at Princes Quay, accessible to pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users, crossing the A63 between Princes Dock to the north and Humber Dock (Hull Marina) to the south. More information on this can be found on the Princes Quay Bridge webpage.

Over the last two months we’ve held a number of events to gather people’s views about the landscaping of the Myton Centre and Jubilee Arboretum areas. Following these events we’ll further refine the detailed design and will carry out the work as part of the wider scheme.

What's next?

A decision on the development consent order by the Secretary of State is expected in March 2020. Construction of the scheme is expected to begin soon after the decision with the first phase of work including diversion of utilities, work in the Old Town and in Trinity Burial Ground.

A temporary boundary fence is already in place in Trinity burial ground with some site investigation and preparation work taking place. This is due to be completed by the end of March. Archaeologists will also begin to measure and record the physical features of the burial ground including the walls, tombs and burial markers.


Date Event
March 2020 Secretary of State Decision
March 2020 Start of construction work
Spring 2025 Scheme completion

Why we need this scheme

Mytongate junction restricts the flow of traffic along the A63, causing congestion. It is used by approximately 47,000 vehicles each day and delays at peak times can cause problems for people and businesses. The A63 acts as a barrier between the city centre to the north and the retail and dock areas to the south. We need to create better connections between the two areas.

The scheme in detail

We plan to create a new junction by lowering the level of the A63 at the Mytongate junction. Ferensway and Commercial Road would cross the A63 creating a split-level junction. Between Princes Dock Street and Market Place we propose to widen the eastbound carriageway to three lanes. We also plan to construct a new bridge over the A63 at Porter Street.


Completion of the scheme will provide:

  • improved access to the Port of Hull
  • congestion relief
  • improved safety
  • improved connections between the city centre to the north and developments, and tourist and recreational facilities to the south


Trinity burial ground

In 2015 we successfully completed archaeological investigations at Trinity burial ground. This work has been extremely important in helping us to plan for the construction of the Castle Street improvement scheme. To find out more, download our fact sheet.

Marina and north side of Castle Street

In March 2016 we started investigating parts of Hull’s medieval defences to understand more about the history of Hull and the people who lived here. Around 700 years ago, brick walls and ditches were built to protect the town from invaders, but these have since crumbled away or been removed. Our work aims to discover where the old walls were built. It also means that archaeologists can understand more about what they were made of and how they were constructed.

Designated Funds Projects

As part of our Designated Funds programme, Highways England is providing a £3.9 million grant to transform Hull Minster into a hub for the city’s history, heritage and community.

The Highways England Environment Designated Fund will safeguard the Minster’s heritage for future generations and create a sustainable future for the church as a magnificent place of worship, focal point for the community and magnet for visitors.

Highways England’s funding for the Minster allows for a number of major improvements, including a glass, bronze and stone extension which will house a visitor and heritage centre with exhibition spaces, a café and other new visitor facilities. The extension will lead into a “heritage corridor” within the church, creating a home for carefully-curated exhibits about the history of Hull and the central role the church has played in it.

Project media files and documents

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Project timeline

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