A63 Castle Street – Princes Quay Bridge and Roger Millward Way

This is the first phase of the A63 Castle Street scheme. A pedestrian footbridge crossing the A63 and roundabout improvements at Roger Millward Way.

Region:  North East
Start date:  Autumn 2018
Cost:  £22.3 million – Princes Quay Bridge, £6 million – Roger Millward Way
Status:  CURRENT
Type:  Major Scheme
End date:  Spring 2020

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Progress report

Princes Quay Bridge artist's impression

We’re building a landmark pedestrian footbridge, accessible to cyclists and wheelchair users, crossing the A63 between Princes Dock to the north and Humber Dock (Hull Marina) to the south.

The bridge, which has received a funding contribution of £4 million by the Humber Local Enterprise Partnership, is the first phase of the A63 Castle Street improvements scheme and will create better pedestrian links in Hull city centre.

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The new bridge which is 60m long and weighs 150 tonnes has been in position across the A63, since November 2019, after it was wheeled into place 15 hours ahead of schedule.

Since the bridge installation we have been focusing on the remaining work we need to do to complete the bridge. This has included constructing the concrete form work for the steel ramps to sit on, the construction of the precast marina deck and the formation of two new walls on the north and south of the A63. This will create the new realignment of the A63 when the A63 Castle Street project starts.

View the timelapse video of the bridge being installed.

Alongside this, we’ve made improvements at Roger Millward Way (formerly known as Garrison Road). The existing junction has been improved with a ‘hamburger’ design, which provides a new road running through the middle of the roundabout creating the burger shape. This will ease congestion and improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

You can view a timelapse video of the works at Roger Millward Way.

These two large projects were co-ordinated and carried out together to cause the least disruption to the public.

What's next?

Now the bridge is installed we’re focusing on the remaining of the work we need to do to complete the bridge which will involve installing the ramps and steps, and completing the marina platform and landscaping.

In the next few months the north and south steel sections of the ramp will be lifted into place overnight, 90 tonnes of concrete will be poured on the deck. Around 500 tonnes of granite will be delivered to site and installed over the coming months and landscaping work will begin.

The bridge, which is covered by a curving steel canopy, will also have sheltered viewing balconies at each end which will give people a space to enjoy the views of the city and waterfront. There will also be new landscaped public areas at both the Princes Quay and marina sides.

Competition - winning essay announced

The people have decided that Hull’s new bridge is going to be named after the city’s first female GP after an astonishing 55,000 votes were cast.

As we face our biggest public health crisis in decades, it is perhaps poignant that the winning nominee is trailblazer Dr Mary Murdoch, who was the house surgeon at the Victoria Hospital for Sick Children in Park Street and founder of the Hull Women’s Suffrage Society.

Students from Newland School for Girls and Archbishop Sentamu Academy submitted essays answering the question: ‘The naming of the bridge – who inspires me and why?’

Read the winning essay about Dr Mary Murdoch

From around 100 essays the judging panel shortlisted: World War Two veteran Thomas Ransom, Dr Mary Murdoch who was Hull’s first female GP, headscarf revolutionary Lillian Bilocca, philanthropist and abolitionist William Wilberforce and Julia Lee, the first woman to officiate men’s rugby league games in the United Kingdom. Have a look at the shortlisted essays.

The public were then asked to cast their vote online and at Hull Minster on who they thought should inspire the name of the new bridge which is going to significantly improve connectivity in the centre of Hull.

We’ll now work with the students who nominated Dr Murdoch so we can establish the final name of the bridge based on this winning entry, and this will be announced when it is opened in the summer.

Why we need this scheme

The bridge is an important part of the A63 Castle Street improvement scheme which will allow pedestrians and cyclists to move freely across the A63.

The improvements at Roger Millward Way are needed to ease congestion and improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

The scheme in detail

The bridge scheme consists of:

  • access to improve crossing facilities for pedestrians, cyclists and disabled users over the A63
  • a landmark architectural design
  • enhanced public urban environment

The Roger Millward Way roundabout upgrade is a ‘hamburger’ type design consisting of:

  • full signalisation of the roundabout
  • construction of two lanes in either direction through the centre of the roundabout creating a ‘hamburger’ type design allowing the A63 to flow straight through the roundabout
  • improved pedestrian and cycle facilities


The bridge aims to:

  • help to support the local economy by better linking the city centre to the waterfront
  • be a landmark piece of infrastructure and architecture for the city of Hull
  • act as a safe pedestrian and cyclist route to cross the A63 during the main A63 Castle Street scheme work

The improvements at Roger Millward Way roundabout aim to:

  • reduce congestion and smooth the flow of traffic to improve travel times, making journeys more reliable
  • improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists by including upgrades to pedestrian and cycle facilities

Spurn Lightship

The Spurn Lightship was moved to a mooring on the south-east side of Hull Marina on 5 September 2018 and will remain there for the duration of work on the bridge. This is because we’re building a platform that extends out into the marina to accommodate the southern access ramps where the Spurn Lightship was previously moored.

A video below shows the ship being moved.

The vessel will stay moored within the marina until 2021 and it is planned that it will receive specialist conservation to ensure its long-term preservation. The vessel will then be moved to a new permanent home in Hull Marina. You can keep up to date on the Spurn Lightship on Hull City Council’s website.

Spurn Lightship

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