A595 Whitehaven

Proposal to investigate the case for improvements to the A595 around Whitehaven.

Region:  North West
Start date:  TBC
Cost:  TBC
Status:  PLANNED
Type:  Major Scheme
End date:  TBC

Progress report

The first Road Investment Strategy (RIS) covered investment in England’s motorways and major roads during the 2015 to 2020 road period. This was the initial step in a long-term programme to improve England’s motorways and major roads. We're repeating this process and work is now under way to develop the second Road Investment Strategy, known as RIS 2, covering the second road period from 2020 to 2025.

As part of the planning for RIS 2, the government has commissioned us to examine the issues on the A595 around Whitehaven, including consideration of potential improvements.

As part of this work, we've been consulting with local communities, asking them what the current issues are with the route and what they feel would improve it.

What's next?

Thank you to those who were involved in the public consultation between 7 November and 19 December 2018 where you told us where you felt the A595 could improve. We have analysed the responses and compiled them into a report which summarises your responses. Read the consultation summary and the full report.

We'll use this to inform what improvements we should take forward for further development and assessment work. We'll also use any feedback received about the local area to identify any specific constraints we need to be aware of along the route and within the wider study area. This could include known environmental constraints or information around future developments and will help inform the design of any improvements.


Date Event
November to December 2018 Public consultation
Autumn to winter 2019 Decision on RIS 2 investment

Why we need this scheme

Cumbria is home to a number of important industries, employing thousands of people in the region.

The A595 is an important route and caters for freight, local and agricultural traffic. The current route is a single carriageway through the study area with a lack of overtaking opportunities. The A595 in West Cumbria serves several towns and villages, with several sections where the road passes directly in front of residential properties. The section of the route which passes through Whitehaven suffers from delay, poor journey times and safety concerns.

In 2017, Secretary of State Chris Grayling made a promise to constituents that a consultation would be launched to provide improvements to the A595.


Improvements to the A595 around Whitehaven are important to solve current and future transport problems and to the continued development of the Cumbrian economy.

Improvements to the A595 around Whitehaven would provide the opportunity to:

  • improve journey times, reliability and resilience on the A595 in this area
  • reduce accidents along the route
  • reduce physical barriers for communities
  • improve air quality and noise for those that live and work along the route
  • improve connectivity between key employment areas of Cumbria along the route
  • contribute to the future economic growth of Cumbria

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Project timeline

Planned roadworks

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Location : The A595 southbound between the junctions with the A597 and the A5094 north of Whitehaven. Reason : Roadworks are planned. Status : Pending. Schedule : From 20:00 on 30 March 2020 to 06:00 on 3 April 2020.
Posted: March 25, 2020, 12:00 pm
Location : The A595 northbound between the junctions with the A5094 south of Whitehaven and the A597 . Reason : Roadworks are planned. Status : Pending. Schedule : From 20:00 on 30 March 2020 to 06:00 on 3 April 2020.
Posted: March 25, 2020, 12:00 pm


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