A47 Thickthorn junction

This scheme will improve the junction between the A47 and the A11.

Region:  East
Start date:  2020-21
Cost:  TBC
Status:  PLANNED
Type:  Major Scheme
End date:  TBC
Programme:  A47 corridor improvement programme

Progress report

The statutory consultation on our proposal to upgrade the A47/A11 Thickthorn junction has now closed.

We have been reviewing and considering the feedback you've provided through the consultation. Where appropriate, we are using the feedback to make further refinements to our proposed design and development of mitigation measures.

We will be undertaking important surveys and archaeological trial trenching from June 2020. You can expect to see survey vehicles and equipment in operation close to Thickthorn junction, but please note that this is not the start of any construction work.

The investigations will help us understand the significance of the archaeological resource and inform how we can avoid and/or minimise any harm through design and mitigation. The surveys are critical in ensuring we limit our impact on the historic environment by fully recording all archaeological sites appropriately. The results of assessments will be reported in our Environmental Statement and are a normal part of the development consent process.

A good, early understanding of the unique relationship between our scheme and the historic environment will help us to avoid any unexpected surprises and unnecessary delays once construction starts. This approach means we can develop a plan to allow mitigation works and development to coincide on site once the project is given the go-ahead.

What's next?

We expect to submit our planning application next year (2021). The planning application will include a consultation report which will feature a summary of responses and will describe how our proposals have been informed by and influenced by them.

Our planning application will be available to the public following submission of the application.


Date Event
March to April 2017 Public consultation
August 2017 Preferred route announcement
3 June 2019 to 11 July 2019 Statutory public consultation
2021 Development Consent Order submitted. You'll have further opportunity to comment on the scheme at this stage
2021 Start of works
2023 Open for traffic

Why we need this scheme

The A47/A11 Thickthorn junction is important for commuter, business and commercial traffic, on both short and long-distance journeys.

Committed developments in Cringleford and Hethersett are expected to increase traffic demand at Thickthorn junction and the A11/Round House Way junction significantly by 2026. With no significant junction improvements, demand is expected to exceed capacity at both locations. Increased congestion in future years is likely to constrain economic growth in Norwich and South Norfolk and reduce user satisfaction.

Approximately 3,000 new residential dwellings are potentially planned near the interchange along with commercial units. Once completed this will exacerbate congestion on the junction and increase stress on the road network.


The aims and objectives of the A47/A11 Thickthorn junction scheme are to:

  • contribute to sustainable economic growth by supporting employment and residential development opportunities
  • reduce congestion-related delay, improve journey time reliability and increase the overall capacity of the A47
  • increase the resilience of the road in coping with incidents such as collisions, breakdowns, maintenance and extreme weather
  • increase the reliability of the junction, reducing journey times and providing capacity for future traffic growth
  • consider local communities and their access to the road network, providing a safer route between communities for cyclists, pedestrians, equestrians and other non-motorised users

The scheme in detail

The scheme will help relieve congestion at Thickthorn junction by providing 2 new free flowing link roads that will connect the A47 with the A11. The new roads will re-route traffic away from the junction and flow under 3 new underpasses.

We will remove the existing footbridge over the A47 and provide a new footbridge for walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

If your property may be affected by one of our schemes

Sometimes the development of one of our road improvement schemes creates an impact on the properties of people living along or close to the route of the scheme. There are a number of examples where this may be the case – for instance, the sale value of a property may be adversely affected by the change in the environment around it. This could be because of additional noise from a new road, or a significant change in view from the property.

There are a number of documents that explain your rights in circumstances such as these, and set out examples in which you may be entitled to compensation:

Project media files and documents

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Project timeline

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Location : The A47 westbound entry slip from the A146 . Reason : Road marking works are planned. Status : Pending. Schedule : Expect disruption everyday between 22:00 and 06:00 from 26 May 2020 to 29 May 2020. Lanes Closed : All lanes will be closed.
Posted: May 21, 2020, 12:32 pm


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