A30 Chiverton to Carland Cross

Upgrading the A30 single carriageway between Chiverton Cross and Carland Cross roundabouts.

As part of Highways England’s Strategic Road Network, the A30 is a road of strategic importance, which is why an £8m contribution from the European Regional Development Fund has been committed, as well as being identified as part of the Government’s Roads Investment Strategy.

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Region:  South West
Start date:  2019/2020
Cost:  £290 million
Status:  PLANNED
Type:  Major Scheme
End date:  2022/2023

Progress report

Our statutory consultation on the A30 Chiverton to Carland Cross dualling scheme closed in March 2018. We had over 800 responses from local people, organisations and businesses. We’d like to thank everyone who participated in the consultation, using the opportunity to speak to the project team and share their feedback on the proposal. We'll now consider all the responses very carefully before moving on to the next stage of the scheme development.

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What next?

We will spend the next few months analysing the responses from the public consultation, and combining this information with the results of ongoing surveys. We will then produce a consultation report, which will detail the responses we received as part of the consultation, whether these have resulted in a change to the scheme, and if not, why not. This consultation report will be used as part of our application for a Development Consent Order (DCO) for the scheme, which we intend to submit to the Planning Inspectorate later in 2018.

A DCO is a special type of planning application, which is needed for a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP). Following the submission of the DCO application, the Planning Inspectorate will hold a public examination before making a recommendation to the Secretary of State for Transport who will decide whether or not the project should go ahead.


Date Event
2014 Scheme announced as part of the Government’s Roads Investment Strategy
2015 Cornwall Council held some public events which showed overwhelming support for the scheme, both locally and from across Cornwall
2015-2016 We developed and assessed options to improve this section of the A30
October - December 2016 We asked for your feedback on our proposals as part of our options consultation
3 July 2017 After carefully considering and reviewing all of the feedback from local people and stakeholders, we announced our preferred route
July 2017 – January 2018 We developed the detailed design of the route taking into account feedback from landholders and the results of our environmental and technical surveys
29 January – 12 March 2018 We undertook our statutory consultation on the proposed scheme
Late 2018 We plan to submit our planning application to the Planning Inspectorate later this year
2020 (TBC) Start on site

Why we need this scheme

Improving the A30 between Chiverton and Carland Cross is incredibly important for Cornwall’s future. It is the only remaining stretch of single carriageway on the A30 between Camborne and the M5 at Exeter; journeys on this part of the road are regularly delayed, congestion often brings traffic to a standstill, and as a result the Cornish economy is being held back.

For local people, particularly during the summer season, the simple act of getting to a neighbouring village can lead to unacceptably long and unreliable journeys, while opportunistic rat runners pose increased risk of accidents in their villages.

You can view our fast facts document to find out more.

The scheme in detail

The Government’s Road Investment Strategy includes a commitment to improve the A30 between Chiverton Cross and Carland Cross roundabouts to dual carriageway standard. Funding for this scheme includes a contribution from the European Regional Development Fund of £8 million towards its development costs, with a further £12 million allocated for the construction phase.

Our proposal includes:

  • an 8.7 mile, high quality 70mph dual carriageway, connecting to the existing A30 dual carriageway at either end
  • replacement of Chiverton Cross roundabout with a new, two-level motorway style roundabout
  • a new, two-level partial junction at Chybucca, with west-facing slip roads connecting to the new dual carriageway
  • replacement of the existing roundabout at Carland Cross with a two-level motorway style junction
  • new bridges and accesses across the new road and the old road
  • retention of the existing A30 for local traffic

You can find more information about the proposal on our consultation page.

We had over 800 responses from local people, organisations and businesses to our recent consultation. Consultation feedback highlighted a number of themes including the need for east facing slip roads at Chybucca and a request for a new cycle route at Chiverton Cross junction. We're considering this feedback along with other responses as part of our assessment and design development ahead of submitting our planning application.


The objectives of the scheme are to:

  • reduce congestion
  • unlock growth
  • connect communities
  • improve safety, operation and efficiency
  • protect the environment
  • minimise disruption during construction

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