A27 Chichester

Part of a package of improvements to reduce congestion on the A27 Chichester Bypass. This scheme was cancelled on 28 February 2017.

Region:  South East
Start date:  Cancelled
Status:  Cancelled
Type:  Major Scheme
End date:  Cancelled
Programme:  A27 schemes

The A27 Chichester Bypass improvements scheme

On 28 February 2017, the Secretary of State wrote to Highways England instructing us to stop work on the A27 Chichester Bypass major improvement scheme.

Message from Jim O’Sullivan, Highways England chief executive:

We are grateful to everyone who took the time to engage with our consultation last summer on improving the A27 through Chichester.

We are obviously disappointed at this decision as the improvement would have brought significant strategic benefits to the region.

But any improvement had to be right for Chichester and there was no overall consensus. We will continue to work with partners to monitor the route’s performance and to carry out any short term measures we can to help road users, the local community and the region.

See the documents section for a copy the A27 Chichester Bypass Improvements Scheme Consultation Report and accompanying letter. As announced in the cancellation of the scheme, you can find below the Executive Summary of the Scheme Assessment Report.

About the scheme

The A27 Chichester Bypass has a poor safety record, being among the worst 10% of UK roads for casualties. (Source: the South Coast Central Route Strategy Evidence Report April 2014)

The bypass and many local roads are often severely congested, especially during the seasonal peaks. The result is high traffic volumes on the city ring road and significant congestion at the four gates to the city centre during peak traffic periods.

Emergency services are affected. Residential roads become 'rat runs' as traffic tries to avoid congestion hotspots. There are significant traffic delays at the railway level crossing and considerable congestion caused by the school run.

Our proposals aimed to remove conflict and congestion at the bypass junctions and improve access to Chichester, the Manhood Peninsula and the wider Bognor Regis area, enabling other local transport improvements to be implemented.


The scheme aims were to:

  • reduce congestion on the A27 Chichester Bypass
  • improve road safety
  • reduce adverse environmental impacts
  • improve journey time reliability
  • improve capacity and support the growth of regional economies
  • facilitate timely delivery of the scheme to enable provision of housing demand, in line with the Chichester Local Plan
  • improve regional connectivity
  • improve accessibility to areas with tourist activity

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