A1 North of Ellingham

Proposals to improve the A1 north of Ellingham by providing overtaking opportunities, junction improvements and improved crossing facilities for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders.

Region:  North East
Start date:  2018
Cost:  TBC
Status:  PLANNED
Type:  Major Scheme
End date:  TBC
Programme:  A1 in Northumberland

Progress report

We held a public consultation on the proposals for the scheme and this finished on 23 December 2016.

At the public consultation we presented a number of improvement options including overtaking lanes at Belford and Fenwick, and junction improvements at West Mains, Cheswick and Wooler. We received a large amount of feedback and we’ve now carried out an independent road safety audit for this stretch of the A1. We are in the process of reviewing the feedback and the findings from the road safety audit to see what next steps are required.

What's next

We will be analysing all the results from the consultation to feed into the development of the designs. We will then begin more detailed design work and plan on starting work on the improvements in 2018.


Date Event
2014 Scheme announced in the Road Investment Strategy
May 2016 Public exhibitions
November-December 2016 Have your say
2017/18 Review of feedback and development of detailed designs
2018 Start of work

Why we need this scheme

The A1 in Northumberland is an important route between England and Scotland, especially for long distance travel along the eastern side of the country. The improvements north of Ellingham will provide opportunities to overtake slow moving vehicles through the use of overtaking lanes.

The improvements will look to improve the safety of the A1 north of Ellingham.

The scheme in detail

We propose to improve the A1 north of Ellingham by enhancing the performance and safety of this section of road. Our improvement programme includes enhancing the performance and safety of the A1 north of Ellingham, including overtaking opportunities, junction improvements and improved crossing facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.

Further detail about the proposals for the improvements can be found on our consultation page, which provides the plans presented at the recent consultation events.


The scheme aims to:

  • improve safety
  • improve journey times and journey time reliability
  • enable economic growth in Northumberland

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