Consultation update – the highlights

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These are the main findings from our 2019 consultation. We are currently analysing all your feedback and comments. We consider every single comment and will produce a detailed Public Consultation Report later this year.

Thank you to everyone who gave us their views.
• Over 2,500 joined us at an event
• 925 people and organisations took part

Highlighted comments

• The scheme will have a positive impact on traffic, safety and reduce the number of drivers using village roads as rat runs.

• People felt the roundabout will address the present situation around congestion, safety, and connectivity between Bedford and Cambridge.

Highlighted comments

• People felt the new Black Cat junction will reduce congestion at this critical point on the road network. The junction will also as alleviate rat running in surrounding villages while improving road safety.

• A few people felt the design will fail to address existing issues with the A1, such as the bottlenecks at Sandy and Buckden junctions.

Highlighted comments

• The junction will meet the needs of the local area with enough capacity to deal with any increase in traffic that may arise as a result of the new housing developments.

• A small number of concerns were raised that the junction has not been designed with adequate capacity for the Loves Farm or Wintringham development.

Highlighted comments

• Some people highlighted that the Caxton Gibbet junction will reduce congestion, journey times, traffic and the number of vehicles using unsuitable
local roads, as well as increase safety.

• A small number raised concerns that congestion at the new Caxton Gibbet junction will be worse than they are currently due to large volumes of traffic needing to navigate two roundabouts.

Highlighted comments

• Respondents said there will be a positive impact on traffic in the area, particularly in terms of safety and congestion at the new junction and on surrounding roads.

• A small number of people felt the design of the junction was overly complex which could be difficult to navigate. Some also raised concerns about the potential rat running through Eltisley during construction and once the new road is opened.

Highlighted comments

• The scheme will improve the safety of cyclists, walkers and horse riders because of the segregation from motorised traffic.

• A small number of people felt that insufficient consideration has been given to cyclists including concerns about the crossing proposed at Caxton Gibbet.

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What happens next?

We’re continuing to work through people’s comments in detail and as we consider your responses, we may make changes to the scheme. If we make significant changes to the design, we may carry out further consultation on those changes. We will keep you informed if this happens.

We’ll also publish a detailed Public Consultation Report later this year as part of our planning application to build the scheme.

In the interim, find out more about the consultation and the initial findings in our project update.