M621 improvements

The M621 is a major road providing access to Leeds and the surrounding area.

We’re carrying out several schemes aimed at improving the route – making journeys smoother and safer and tackling noise issues. This investment will inevitably mean disruption for those using and relying on the M621 and connecting roads, but we will work hard with our partners to reduce the impact, and maximise the benefits, as we continue to improve our network.

Our M621 projects are:

  • M621 junctions 1 to 7
  • M621 junction 7 widening
  • M621 junction 6 to junction 7 noise and vehicle restraint barrier

View our information leaflet for more details.

In autumn 2019 we’re holding two public information events where you can find out more about our work:

  • 30 September 2019 - Hillside Enterprise Centre, Beeston Road, Leeds, LS11 8ND - 3pm to 8pm
  • 30 October 2019 - West Grange Church, West Grange Garth, Leeds, LS10 3AX - 2pm to 7pm (this event will focus on junction 7 widening and the noise barrier)


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The M5 through the West Country is currently experiencing severe delays southbound.
Posted: August 8, 2020, 1:44 pm


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