M621 noise barrier

John Simpson

We’re installing a noise barrier between junctions 6 and 7 to reduce the level of noise for residents living nearby. In some locations it will also act a safety barrier. The barrier is being installed at seven locations and will … Read More

M621 junction 7 widening

Theresa Morley

Improvement works to junction 7, reducing congestion by enabling more vehicles to use the junction. Works include widening the slip road which takes vehicles that are travelling eastbound (clockwise) onto the roundabout, creating an extra lane for traffic. We’ll also … Read More

M621 junctions 1 to 7

Theresa Morley24 Comments

Improvements to key junctions on the M621. We are now developing potential solutions aimed at increasing capacity of the M621 and improving journey time reliability along the route. Once we have developed our options these will be assessed to determine: … Read More