Oxford Flood Alleviation Scheme boosted by £10m investment from Highways England

Highways England has invested £10 million into the Oxford Flood Alleviation scheme, a project that will enhance flood defences around the city to better protect homes, businesses and infrastructure for the next hundred years. Our involvement in the scheme is key to ensure the proposed link between Oxford and Milton Keynes is as protected as it can be. Once complete, the risk of flooding will be reduced for at least 1,000 homes and businesses.
Oxford has had a number of major floods in past decades. These have affected homes, businesses and local infrastructure including closing the railway and major roads bringing the city to a standstill.

We are one of eight partners working with the Environment Agency to make much needed improvements to Oxford’s flood defences. Protecting the environment and the places people love is central to our work. We are delighted to be able to help deliver this important project. The scheme will enhance the local environment which is important to all partners involved.

The scheme will see the existing flood plain lowered, a new watercourse created, and flood walls and embankments built. It will ensure important infrastructure such as the A34, the main railway line, sewage services and other key utilities are protected.

The money we are contributing is from our Designated Funds programme which aims to improve the places around our road network. As well as providing vital funding, we are also part of the scheme’s steering group, offering our advice and expertise to help guide how the Environment Agency delivers the project.

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