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Maintenance schemes taking place in the Yorkshire and North East region.

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You can more details about the maintenance schemes taking place in Yorkshire and the North East below:

We need to work on three sets of bridge joints so we’ve combined the work to cut down on the amount of time/disruption caused to road users, communities and businesses.

We’re also resurfacing some parts of the diversion routes in partnership with Darlington Borough Council.

Between 28 September and 13 October the northbound carriageway will be closed overnight (8pm to 6am) from junction 56 to junction 59 with clearly signed diversions in place. Local traffic will be able to join A1M at junction 58.

Between 14 October and 29 October the southbound carriageway will be closed overnight (8pm to 6am) from junction 58 to junction 56.


The A1 needs resurfacing between junction 59 and junction 60. To do this work safely we need to use a series of overnight carriageway, lane and slip road closures. Work will be carried out between 8pm and 6am.

Whenever closures are in place there will be clearly signposted diversions.

The A19 between A172 Tontine Interchange and A174 Parkway Interchange needs resurfacing in both directions.

To do this safely we will use a series of overnight (8pm to 6am) closures. When these closures are in place the following diversions will apply:

Diversion via A172 northbound from Tontine junction
Diversion via A174 eastbound, A172 southbound

During the day a 50mph speed limit will be in place for traffic running on temporary surfaces.

We’re replacing a damaged drainage pipe on the A57 westbound carriageway near the Gun Inn junction.

We’ll need to excavate next to the existing drainage chamber to repair the pipe and then reinstate the pavement and road markings.

Work will start on Monday 23 November and is expected to last about two weeks.

To complete this repair safely we’ll need to close the nearside lane 24/7 and will use temporary three-way traffic light control.

We’re replacing the bridge joints on Woad Lane overbridge between Pyewipe and Great Coates.

We’ll be carrying out concrete surfacing repairs between Barnetby and Brocklesby and localised resurfacing. We’re also replacing various road studs on the A160 and installing new diversion signing plus layby and litter signing along the route, helping to provide a more informed, safer and smoother journey for drivers.

We’re starting on Monday 16 November 2020 with the work on Woad lane overbridge for approximately three weeks with the other work due to start in stages from the end of November. We aim to complete all the work by end of March 2021 weather and circumstances permitting. 

To carry out this work safely and quickly we’ll need to install full closures on Woad Lane between industrial estates one and five 24/7 for approximately a two week period with a local diversion in place during the work.

There will also be some full overnight closures on the A180 with possible full weekend closures for the surfacing, concrete repairs and slab replacement in the new year as the materials will need time to set.

The signage installation will mostly be carried out under lane closures or will be linked into the full closures for the surfacing work. We’ll also require some full overnight closures for the stud replacement work on the A160.  

Clearly signed diversions will be in place during any full closures and have been agreed with the police and local authorities. 

We're installing new safety barriers in the central reservation for five miles from the M62 junction 38 to South Cave. We’ll also install new safety barrier, street lighting and replace signage in the verge and carry out repairs to the road surface including patching work, road markings and road studs.

And, from Western Interchange to Daltry Street we’re installing new concrete central reservation safety barrier along a five-mile stretch and replacing aging steel barriers and installing new street lighting in the verge.

The safety barriers are life expired in both locations and the lighting improvements will provide drivers with more consistent lighting levels which are more energy efficient.

All these improvements including the improvements to signage and road surface will provide a safer, smoother journey for customers.

We’ll start on the barrier schemes on Tuesday 1 September 2020 and we’re hoping to complete the work by April 2021. We’ll be working overnight between 8pm to 6am between Monday to Friday.

To carry out this work safely and keep disruption to a minimum, we’ll need to use a variety of road closures, but we’ll make sure we only close one section at time in each direction.

M62 junction 38 to A63 between South Cave and North Cave

• Full overnight carriageway closures from junction 37 through to South Cave either eastbound or westbound and lane two closed in the opposite carriageway. We anticipate we’ll need 15 closures westbound and 90 closures eastbound over the duration of the scheme.

• Full closure of eastbound footpath from the junction of Annie’s Med Lane and Pinfold to the A1034 (an alternative route is available via South Cave or Elleker Lane and Willow Flats) and footpaths next to the A63.

• While work is taking place we will need to remove the street lighting.

A63 section between Western Interchange and Daltry Street

• Full overnight carriageway closures either eastbound or westbound and lane two closed in the opposite carriageway. We anticipate we’ll need 97 closures westbound and 10 closures eastbound over the duration of the scheme.

• During full closures access to and from associated junctions will be restricted affecting Priory Way, Brighton Street and Daltry Street.

• Eastbound and westbound overnight lane two or lane one closures.

• We’ll be working closely with our colleagues on the A63 Castle St scheme to ensure the two schemes join up and we share traffic management.

Fully signed diversions will be in place, approved by local authority and police and only one side of the carriageway will be closed at any one time on both schemes.

To keep traffic moving during the day we’ll open the route in full, but speed will be limited to 40mph and camera enforced in both sections for safety while we replace the barrier.

We’re carrying out a series of improvements along the route between the A1(M) and Eastfield roundabout including resurfacing, improving crossing facilities and drainage.

This work will further improve safety and provide drivers with smoother journeys along the route, building on the £22m investment from last year.

Find out more about our A64 improvements scheme.

We're carrying out a series of improvements on the westbound carriageway of the M62 between junctions 25 and 24 (Brighouse and Ainley Top). This includes resurfacing, road studs, signage and white lines in addition to some gully and kerb renewal work to provide drivers with smoother and safer journeys.

We’re planning to start work on Monday 5 October and complete by the end of November, weather and circumstances permitting.

We’ll be working overnight Monday to Friday between 8pm and 6am using mostly lane closures under an advisory speed limit of 50mph.

We’ll need to fully close the westbound carriageway between junction 25 and 24 approximately seven times. We’ll also need to close the entry slip road at junction 25 and both exit and entry slip road at junction 24. Clearly signed diversions will be in place.

Where possible and practical we’ll use the hard shoulder to limit the number of full closures.

We’ll be carrying out resurfacing and road stud renewals on sections of the M62, M621 and A62 at Gildersome interchange.

The existing road studs have reached the end of life and need replacing and the carriageway is showing signs of surface deterioration.

This work which will provide drivers with smoother and safer journeys will take place overnight on Saturdays and Sundays over three weekends between 8pm and 6am.

Work will start on Saturday 10 October and is due to complete by the end of November, weather and circumstances permitting.

We’ll need to close different sections of the junction at different times to carry out the work, but fully signed diversions will be in place for all the closures and have been authorised by local authorities and police.

Pedestrians will be escorted through the crossings while we’re working overnight.


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