A69 junction improvements

We’re improving the A69 Bridge End junction to reduce congestion and improve journey times and safety for all users. We are building a new stretch of the A69 under the current roundabout and constructing two new bridges across the A69 to form the junction.

Start date Autumn 2019
End date Spring 2021
Cost £30 million

Latest updates

  • 01 July 2020

    Projects reaches first major milestone

    Drivers using the A69 trans-Pennine route near Hexham are about to see big changes as the multi-million pound upgrade reaches its first major milestone.

    The roundabout scheme at Bridge End will reduce congestion for the thousands of drivers who use this key northern route every day. It will support economic growth, improve access from the A69 into Hexham and improve safety.

    From Sunday (5 July) drivers heading in to Hexham will be able to use the newly constructed temporary turnaround point on the eastern side of the roundabout.

    The western turnaround will open on 18 July for drivers leaving Hexham and wishing to travel east on the A69. The temporary turnarounds will mean drivers can continue to easily assess Hexham when the main roundabout is closed.

    Once both turnaround points are open, the roundabout will close for 12 months. This will allow work to take place on building the bridge supports for the new roundabout. Once complete this major upgrade will lower the A69 under the junction so drivers are able to continue along the route without having to use the roundabout.

    During the roundabout closure the pedestrian footpath on the east bridge will be closed with a diversion to the west via Hermitage overbridge.

  • 09 June 2020

    Preparing for phase 2 - new traffic management

    We have been progressing well on the improvements at A69 Bridge End roundabout whilst ensuring we adhere to Government advice about social distancing and safe working practices.

    We are now approaching phase 2, where we will start the process of switching traffic between lanes.

    To do this safely we will be holding the following full overnight closures (8pm to 6am).

    Westbound carriageway for switch at Hermitage Wall and surfacing works between Stagshaw and Acomb:

    • Monday 29 June
    • Tuesday 30 June
    • Wednesday 1 July
    • Thursday 2 July
    • Friday 3 July
    • Monday 6 July
    • Tuesday 7 July
    • Wednesday 8 July
    • Thursday 9 July

    Eastbound carriageway between Acomb and Stagshaw

    • Friday 3 July
    • Saturday 4 July

    Corbridge bypass / Stagshaw junction

    In addition, there will be some routine maintenance work resurfacing the eastbound carriageway on the Corbridge bypass / Stagshaw junction.

    This requires overnight closures (7pm – 5am) between Corchester Bridge to Milkwell Lane on Monday 22 June, Tuesday 23 June, Wednesday 24 June, Thursday 25 June.

    In all cases clearly signed diversions will be in place and access to Hexham will be retained at all times.

  • 09 March 2020

    Starting work on Styford roundabout

    We are continuing to establish our work area in the centre of the roundabout and have begun working on the construction of the turn-arounds and the mainline carriageway.

    new roundabout layout

    Until the turnarounds are completed and in operation the roundabout will remain open with some lane closures and speed restrictions on approach.

    Two lanes will be used to approach the roundabout from Newcastle, with one lane dedicated to turning into Hexham and the other for turning right or through-traffic. There will also be two lanes approaching the roundabout from Carlisle towards Hexham, with one dedicated to turning right towards Hexham and the other for through-traffic.

    We expect the turnarounds to be completed in summer 2020 when they will come into operation.

    Now work on Bridge End is under way we'll start to revisit plans for the Styford roundabout, presenting options we develop to the public for consultation in due course..

Project information


The A69 is an important route between Newcastle and Carlisle that helps connect Scotland and the Tyne and Wear. It provides an arterial link between the north east and north west of England that is heavily used by hauliers and commuters. 

However, the A69 between Hexham and Newcastle is a particularly busy section, and there are often delays at peak travel times, particularly at the Bridge End and Styford roundabouts. 

In recognition of the importance of this route, in 2016 we carried out the Northern Trans-Pennine Strategic Study which looked at how we could improve the A66 and A69, to increase trans-Pennine connectivity. 

As a result of this study, in March 2017 we announced a £220 million package of improvements as part of our congestion relief fund. This included two junction improvements along the A69, one at the A69/A6079 Bridge End roundabout and one at the A69/A68 Styford roundabout. 

These improvements will: 

  • improve access from the A69 and into Hexham 
  • make journey times more reliable 
  • support economic growth within the North of England 

We are changing the existing roundabout at Bridge End to a grade-separated junctions (you’ll have to go up or down a slip road to leave the A69). This means that traffic travelling along the A69 between Hexham and Newcastle will no longer have to stop at this junctions, allowing motorists a free-flowing journey. 


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