M42 junction 6

We are making safety and capacity improvements to this important strategic route to support economic growth and planned development in the region.

Start date Started
End date 2024-25
Cost £282 million

Latest updates

  • 24 March 2021

    Advance notice of road closure

    We need to close the A45 between the Clock interchange roundabout and M42 junction 6 from 9pm to 6am on:

    • Monday 29 March
    • Tuesday 30 March
    • Wednesday 31 March

    We’re closing the road to keep motorists and our workforce safe while we remove overhead signs from the A45. This work is necessary to help us prepare for the installation of a new pedestrian footbridge.

    We’re carrying out the work at night, when traffic levels are at their lowest, to minimise disruption to drivers and the local community. The road will be open as usual during the daytime.

    More information about this road closure, including details about diversion routes, is available in our A45 road closure bulletin.

    We understand roadworks can be frustrating, so to help you plan your journeys we’ve pulled together a list of our roadworks for March and April. We’ll also keep you updated on Twitter. You can follow us @HighwaysWMIDS

  • 09 March 2021

    Helping you plan your journeys

    To help you plan your journeys, we’ve pulled together a list of our roadworks for March and April.

    We’ve included information about where and when we’ll be working, as well as a brief description of the work.

    You’ll also find details of when and where there’ll be lane closures, full road closures and traffic lights.

    As our work progresses we may need to update this plan, but we’ll let you know about any changes.

    If you have any questions about these roadworks you can get in touch with us by emailing M42Junction6@highwaysengland.co.uk or by calling: 0300 123 5000.

  • 21 January 2021

    Virtual public information events - January 2021

    Over the next few weeks, you’ll probably notice more activity on our scheme. To help you understand we’re holding our third and final virtual public event on Saturday 23 January.

    We can’t meet face-to-face due to following government advice on COVID-19.

    We will run the event just like traditional public events, with information on construction timelines, roadworks and closures, and community engagement. You’ll also be able to ask us questions to make sure you have answers to what matters most to you.

    To take part all you need to do is click on the link for the event.

    Public information event date

    Saturday 23 January 10-12 noon

    We’d also love to hear your feedback on the virtual events so that we can make them better for the future. Click here to take part in our short survey.

    To make sure you can find out the information you need, we’ll also be running a service via telephone where you can leave a message for us and someone from the project team will call you back. This will be during daytime hours. The service will be live from 9am on Wednesday 20 January through to 5pm on Monday 25 January. Please call 08081964502 and leave your contact details where someone will be in touch.

  • 21 August 2020

    Scheme running to schedule

    We’re working hard to deliver this vital upgrade of the junction and we’re committed to opening this scheme to traffic in 2024 within our original timeframe, which is what we have always been working towards. Once this scheme is complete, it will support economic growth and alleviate congestion by making journeys smoother for motorists.

  • 02 March 2020

    Construction to start later this year

    We’ll be starting main construction on this scheme later this year. We’ve already carried out some preliminary work earlier this year in readiness of the Development Consent Order being granted.

    We have successfully completed demolition of Heath End House on the B4438 Catherine-de-Barnes Lane (Bickenhill, Solihull) and carried out vegetation clearance in Bickenhill, beside the A45 Coventry Road and near Haven Caravan Park. We are continuing with the planned activities and in the coming weeks we will be working on:

    • near to Haven Caravan Park on the B4438 Catherine-de-Barnes Lane (Bickenhill, Solihull)
    • on the B4438 Catherine-de-Barnes Lane (Bickenhill, Solihull) carrying out investigation and survey work
    • along the A45 Coventry Road carrying out investigation and survey works
    • undertaking various ecology surveys and the establishment of baseline noise levels in areas where future construction work is planned

Project information


Currently, congestion and journey reliability issues are a significant constraint to future investment and economic growth. The junction has almost reached capacity, causing severe congestion and delays across the network. Junction 6 does not have sufficient capacity to accommodate predicted traffic growth beyond 2019 – even without the inclusion of HS2 – if we do not act.

We will construct a new 2.4km dual carriageway link road – aligned to the west of Bickenhill – between the A45 Clock Interchange. We’ll also build a new junction 5A on the M42 motorway approximately 1.8km south of the existing M42 Junction 6 (Solihull).

We’ll also be making journeys smoother and more reliable by building a new junction 5A on the M42 motorway which is located approximately 1.8km south of the existing M42 Junction 6 (Solihull).

And two new roundabouts will also be installed north of B4102 Solihull Road that will be positioned either side of the M42 motorway. Pedestrians will also benefit from the scheme with a new overbridge being put in place above the A45 near to the Arden Hotel.

Once complete motorists will benefit from smoother journeys and the work will support economic growth.

The objectives of the scheme are to:

  • ensure the safe and reliable operation of the road network
  • increase the capacity at junction 6, reducing congestion
  • improve access to key businesses and locations such as Birmingham Airport and support economic growth in the area
  • improve access for cyclists, walkers and other vulnerable users of the network


The DCO process was established by the Planning Act 2008 and is used for certain large and complex schemes (including highway improvements) that have been designated as a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP) by the Government.

The benefits of the DCO process include extensive pre-application consultation, detailed analysis, including a full Environmental Impact Assessment, and examination by an independent inspector before the final decision is made.

The Secretary of State for Transport granted development consent for the M42 junction 6 Development Consent Order (DCO) on 21 May 2020.

Development Consent Order – Requirements Register


Requirements are conditions that have been included in the DCO, which control how the project must be implemented (constructed and maintained). Implementing the DCO in accordance with these conditions involves completing consultation and approval processes that have been defined in the DCO. These processes are referred to here and in the DCO as “discharging” the requirements.


This Requirements Register is a live document and will be updated as the process to discharge the requirements progresses.


The latest version will always be published on this page.


M42 junction 6 improvements - Development Consent Order (DCO) requirements register


This register will be maintained for three years following completion of the project. The register sets out:

  • each requirement
  • whether the requirement needs approval by the Secretary of State (or other duty holder)
  • whether any approval has been applied for or given

Traffic information

Information about scheduled roadworks and events on our motorways and major roads.

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