A500 Etruria widening

We’re widening the A500 to provide and additional lane in both directions between the A5271 (Porthill) and A527 (Wolstanton) junctions.

Start date March 2019
End date July 2020
Cost £16.5 – 17.5 million

Latest updates

  • 21 September 2020

    Completing minor works

    In July 2020, we completed the widening of the A500 between Wolstanton and Porthill, and opened all lanes for traffic.

    We still have some minor work left to complete and wanted to update on progress.

    Footpath and cycleway

    As part of our widening work, we upgraded the footpath and cycleway along the A500. This will eventually connect into new routes that will be provided by Stoke City Council’s Etruria Valley Link Road (EVLR) project.

    The EVLR scheme is due to start construction later this year; this means we’re not able to fully open the footpath and cycleway just yet. We’re planning to partially open the new route to provide pedestrian access between Porthill and Etruria. We’ll put the previous crossing points across the Wolstanton slip roads back in place. This will re-open the previous pedestrian route along the northbound verge between Porthill and Etruria.

    To do this, we’ll need to close the northbound slip road onto the A500 at Wolstanton and close the northbound carriageway of the A500 between Etruria and Porthill. We’ll complete this work overnight and keep these roads open during the day to minimise inconvenience. We plan to start this work at the end of September and will take about two weeks to complete. During the closures, we’ll provide a clearly signed diversion route.

    We’ll provide more information on the closures on this webpage over the next couple of weeks and thank you for your time and patience whilst we’ll be carrying out this work.

    Once the onward connections are completed as part of the EVLR project, we’ll open the cycleway. Until then, cycling is not permitted on the new footpath between Porthill and Etruria for your safety and the safety of other users of that route.

    Grange Lane left turn

    The left-turn lane from Grange Lane onto the A500 northbound slip road has been closed as part of changes to the slip road to fit in the new lane between Wolstanton and Porthill.

    The Etruria Valley Link Road (EVLR) project will carry out further work in this area to provide two lanes of traffic from Grange Lane onto the roundabout. This work is anticipated to start in early 2021.

  • 06 July 2020

    Completed work

    We’ve completed our work to widen the A500 between Porthill (A5271) and Wolstanton (A527) three months earlier than we anticipated. We’ve widened this 1km stretch from two lanes to three and all lanes are now open for traffic.

    This will provide more capacity to ease congestion and improve journey time reliability, so that road users can plan their journeys with greater confidence. This section of the A500 will require less maintenance in coming years, so the need for overnight closures and diverted traffic is greatly reduced.

    It will also reduce delays and the likelihood of collisions, particularly on the road section next to the Etruria Valley Stoke-on-Trent Growth Deal development site. The widening will support new development opportunities, attract employment investment and create jobs, key for the long-term growth of the Stoke-on-Trent economy.
    We’ve also lowered the speed limit from 70mph to 50mph, making this stretch consistent with the majority of the A500 in this area, allowing traffic to flow better.
    As well as widening this stretch, we’ve also:

    • installed new signage
    • improved the drainage
    • replaced the lighting
    • resurfaced the carriageway with a smoother surface
    • replaced the central reserve safety fence with a concrete barrier to reduce the need for future maintenance

    With all lanes now open, we’re completing the finishing touches over the summer, including the final landscaping works. To allow us to complete the remaining works safely we’ll need occasional overnight closures of the A500 and will provide a clearly signed diversion route while the road is closed.

    At Highways England, we believe in a connected country and our network makes these connections happen. We hope you notice the difference and the newly-widened section helps you connect better with friends, family and businesses, whenever it is safe to do so.

    We recognise that the work will have caused inconvenience and we sincerely apologise for any disruption. We’re exceptionally grateful for your patience while we carried out this important work.

Project information


The A500 connects the M6, Nantwich, Crewe and other Cheshire towns with the city of Stoke-on-Trent. It carries thousands of vehicles a day through the city for business and leisure. Over time, the number of vehicles using the A500 has increased, leading to an increase in collisions, congestion and delays.

This scheme will help facilitate the Stoke Growth Deal (Etruria Valley Development) proposed improvements at the A500 Wolstanton junction.

As part of the scheme, we’ll lower the speed limit from 70mph to 50mph, making this stretch consistent with the majority of the A500 in this area. This speed limit combined with the extra lane will allow traffic to flow better, reducing delays and queuing and making journey times more reliable.

The additional capacity will reduce the likelihood of collisions, particularly on the section next to the Etruria Valley Enterprise Area.

The scheme will support the growing economy. This improvement will support new development opportunities, attract employment investment and create jobs – key for the long-term health of the Stoke-on-Trent economy.

We want to make sure that our roads create opportunities for cyclists, pedestrians and equestrians not barriers to journeys. As part of this scheme, we will create better and improved cycling and pedestrian facilities that are safe and separate from traffic.

In addition to widening the A500 and reducing the speed limit, we’ll also:

  • install new signage
  • improve the drainage
  • replace the lighting
  • resurface this section of the A500

The section of the A500 around the urban area of Stoke-on-Trent suffers from: 

  • congestion 
  • journey time delays 
  • closely spaced junctions 
  • places where the traffic merges in a non-standard way 
  • a high number of collisions at these junctions and merge points as a result of the high volume of traffic 

Once complete, the scheme will: 

  • improve safety 
  • reduce delays and queuing 
  • improve journey time reliability 

This scheme will also support the Etruria Valley Development by allowing the A500 to accommodate the new traffic this development will generate. 


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