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A23 Brighton Road Hooley improvements

Proposed improvements include a reduction in the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph through the residential area and an upgrade of the existing traffic signal timings through the crossroads of the A23 with Netherne Drive and Star Lane. 

A new shared footway/cycleway along the A23 will be created, along with widening the A23 northbound to two lanes from Church Lane to Netherne Drive and southbound, again to two lanes, from Netherne Drive to the Esso garage. 

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Improvements include realigning the east and westbound carriageway markings through the centre of the roundabout to avoid unnecessary lane changing and widening of the A30 eastbound exit lanes approaching the roundabout. 

The existing subway will be removed and replaced with new pedestrian and cycle routes across the roundabout. This will link into the new pedestrian/cycle routes towards Staines and Heathrow, to be installed by Surrey County Council. 

Other works will upgrade and synchronise the existing traffic signals to improve traffic flow. 

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The scheme will include upgrading the traffic signals throughout the junction, adding an extra lane on the A217 northbound approach, widening into the existing verge and extending the anti-clockwise exit slip road. 

Works will also add an extra lane on the north circulatory section of the roundabout, widen  lanes on the east and west bridge section of the roundabout as well as widen and realign the A217 southbound to two lanes that merge prior to Wray Lane. 

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Proposed improvements include changes to traffic signal control to improve traffic flow through the junction, an additional lane on the roundabout to increase capacity and an additional lane on the M25 northbound exit slip to increase capacity. This work will lead to a more free-flowing network, with reduced congestion and more reliable journey times. 

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Work will see widening of the A1 southbound merge slip road to provide a two-lane entry to the A1 south and a new footway for pedestrians from the BP service station to the existing footway adjacent to the roundabout. 

The scheme includes an upgrade to the traffic signal timings to improve traffic flow through the junction. There will be a new lane at the Bignells Corner exit from South Mimms services with widening of the M25 westbound exit slip road to accommodate an additional lane on the approach to the junction to reduce congestion. 

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