Region's concrete roads set for major improvements programme

The five-year programme will see around half of the old-style concrete roads in the East region repaired or replaced.

Region's concrete roads set for major improvements programme


29 Oct 2020

The surface of the concrete roads that were designed between the 1950s and 1970s has an average life span of 50 years. These road surfaces are now reaching the stage where they will need to be repaired or replaced for safety reasons, and to make them less noisy and better to drive on.

The East region has the highest concentration of concrete roads on our road network, including the A14, A12, A120, A11 and M11.

Which roads will be improved

Over the next two years, we’ll be making changes to the following East region roads. Further announcements will be made about the wider five-year programme in due course.


  • A11 north and southbound Spooner Row – Tuttles
  • A11 north and southbound Tuttles – Thickthorn




What we’ll be doing

We’ll use the very latest developments in science, such as laser technology, so that we don’t have to close roads as much to assess their condition.

We’ll use innovative techniques and new technology to repair or replace some of these roads, to create more modern roads.

Some roads will have their lifespan extended for 10 years by repairing potholes and cracks on the road surface.

Others will be fully reconstructed, replacing the old surfaces with a new, modern road surface that will last for up to 40 years and will be easier and quicker for us to repair in future.

On completion, these roads will provide safer and better road surfaces, improving safety and driving conditions for motorists.

We care about the environment and plan to reuse the materials removed from our concrete roads in other road projects wherever possible.

Latest information

We'll plan any roadworks to coincide with other road improvement projects or planned maintenance such a fixing lighting or drains to minimise disruption to road users and local residents.

Follow the links for further information about our work on the A12 and M11.

For further information on the concrete roads programme, please contact the Concrete Roads East by email: