Project progress

Our work so far and what's next.

Oxford to Cambridge expressway - project progress

Our work so far

In 2014, a strategic study was announced by the Government to explore opportunities to create better east-west transport links between Oxford, Cambridge and Milton Keynes, to unlock growth and ensure communities and businesses thrive in the future.

Highways England has been investigating the case for a new road link between Oxford and Milton Keynes. In 2018, the Secretary of State for Transport decided on the location of the preferred corridor for the new road link. The corridor is a large area where we conducted further analysis and engagement with stakeholders to develop route options.

During this work, we have learned lots of useful information about the Oxford to Cambridge Arc, which will help us in delivering improvements to the road network in the future. We have built relationships with our stakeholders, which will continue as our work evolves.

Work on the new road link has now paused, and we are investigating the potential for road improvements within the Arc.

What’s happening next

We are now working to identify other potential road projects that could support the Government’s ambition for the Oxford to Cambridge Arc and benefit the people who live and work there.

Our previous work has identified areas of potential improvements. We have an in-depth appreciation and understanding of the area and its environmental sensitivities. And through our engagement with local authorities and other stakeholders, we have learned what is important to them and their communities. While we are identifying options for improvements we will continue our engagement with stakeholders.

Will you consult people on the next steps of your work?

We’ll continue to engage with local partners including local authorities and specialist bodies responsible for the environment and transport.

We will undertake public consultation at the appropriate stages, in line with normal practice for major infrastructure projects.

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