M6 junction 19

We're making improvements to junction 19 of the M6.

Start date March 2020
End date Summer / Autumn 2021
Cost £31 million to £66 million

Latest updates

  • 01 April 2021

    April Closures

    We’re planning two full closures of the M6 motorway at junction 19 in April. This is so we can pour the concrete deck for our new bridge. Both closures will last for approximately 34 hours.

    The times and dates of the closures are:

    • 8pm Friday 9 April to 6am Sunday 11 April
    • 8pm Friday 16 April to 6am Sunday 18 April

    The motorway will be closed between the exit and entry slip roads, with a short two lane diversion up and over the junction roundabout.

    We’ll need to close the A556 in both directions to allow M6 traffic to flow freely over the junction 19 diversion route. The A556 in Tabley will be closed northbound from the junction with the A5033.

    The M56 junction 7 westbound exit slip road will also be closed to reduce HGV movements on local roads. Traffic wishing to join the M6 southbound from the M56 should continue to M56 junction 9.

    We'll use a number of lane closures on the M6 overnight on the Friday and Saturdays. This will allow us to reline the carriageway to accommodate two lanes of traffic over the diversion route.

    There will be no full overnight closures of the M6 motorway between junctions 18 and 20, as there were during the full weekend closures in January.

    Please note: Traffic volumes have increased since we closed the motorway to install steel bridge beams in January. Expect long delays and plan your journey in advance, using alternative routes if possible.

    A number of diversion routes will be in place during the weekends. You can view these below.

  • 09 March 2021

    Latest news and upcoming closures

    In January, we closed the M6 motorway at junction 19 for two weekends in order to lift 36 steel beams into position over the carriageway. This was a significant milestone in the construction of the new bridge, which will better connect the M6 with the A556 in both directions.

    Despite challenging weather conditions, we carried out the work as planned and are currently on track to complete the scheme as scheduled, this summer.


    In addition to lifting the beams into position, we used the full overnight closures of the M6 between junctions 18 and 20 to carry out additional routine maintenance. This included clearing 26 miles of overgrown vegetation, removing 200 tonnes of silt from 12 miles of motorway drainage, cleaning 600 gullies and 108 manholes, collecting over 800 large bin bags of litter and making 22 repairs to safety barriers.

    We’re making preparations to pour the concrete for the bridge deck in mid-April, when we’ll need to close the M6 motorway within junction 19 for approximately 36 hours.

    We’re also continuing to make improvements to the roundabout and surrounding road network, including widening the footway and installing traffic lights south of the junction in Tabley. The majority of this work will take place during overnight closures, which will be in place between 8pm and 6am, Monday and Friday. We’ve also installed a permanent closure of the right-hand turn from the A556 to Pickmere Lane to allow us to carry out drainage and electrical work. We’re aiming to open the new right-hand turn lane prior to completion of the scheme in summer. 

    We apologise for any disruption these closures may cause and thank all local residents and road users for their continued patience while we complete this project.

    If you’d like to receive up-to-date information about upcoming closures and diversion routes, please contact us to request a copy of our weekly traffic management bulletin. Please email M6Junction19Improvement@highwaysengland.co.uk 

    Customer care and consideration

    Our M6 junction 19 Improvement project has recently been awarded a 4.5-star rating by the Considerate Constructors Scheme. This is something we’re extremely proud of as the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice is designed to raise industry standards and requires us to carry out our construction activity with the greatest of care and consideration. We must:

    • care about our appearance
    • respect the community
    • protect the environment
    • secure everyone’s safety
    • value our workforce

    The assessors praised our ‘ambition to be at the leading edge of best practice’ and said that ‘great consideration has been given to the impact of the works’.

    For more information about the Code of Considerate Practice and the Considerate Constructors Scheme, please call 0800 783 1423 or visit the Considerate Constructors Scheme website.

  • 15 December 2020

    M6 junction 19 and A556 full weekend closures - 22-25 January and 29 January – 1 February 2021

    First weekend closure update

    Over the weekend of 22 to 25 January we started lifting  our steel beams into position over junction 19 of the M6. Despite challenging weather conditions, our teams worked around the clock to ensure that the motorway and surrounding road network was opened as planned on Monday morning.

    Unprecedented rainfall across the UK resulted in widespread flooding and a number of road closures in the north-west. One of the routes affected was the A49, which was the planned diversion route for the overnight closure of M6 junctions 18 to 20.

    Working with Cheshire West and Chester Council, we were able to alleviate much of the water from the carriageway. However, the rising level of the River Weaver had flooded the bearings of Acton Swing Bridge making it unsafe to open to traffic. As a result, an emergency diversion was put in place along the A50; this was used overnight on Friday and Sunday. Due to a burst pipe, United Utilities had emergency roadworks on the A50 also, which caused increased congestion. We apologize for any disruption this diversion route caused to residents, and that we were unable to provide advanced notice.  

    In order to complete the final beam lifts, we’ll need to carry out a second weekend of full closures starting on Friday 29 January at 9pm. If Acton Swing Bridge remains closed, the A50 will once again need to be used as an alternative overnight diversion route on the Friday and Sunday.

    Alternative diversion route 

    Please plan your journey in advance and use alternative routes if possible

    As part of the M6 junction 19 improvement scheme, we’re constructing a new bridge across the centre of the roundabout. We’ll need to close the M6 motorway in both directions within junction 19, for two full weekends in January 2021 to lift the bridge beams into position. The closures will be between the exit and entry slip roads so all M6 traffic will be diverted up and over the junction in two lanes.

    diagram of proposed M6 junction 19 closure with north and southbound traffic diverted up and over the junction

    We have created an animation to show you how we plan to install the bridge beams during the closure.

    You can also read our latest newsletter to find out how work is progressing on site.

    Please note there will be no viewing platform for members of the public to watch the bridge beams lift. Please do not try to approach the site during the weekend.

    Closure dates

    Weekend 1 - 22, 23, 24 and 25 January
    Weekend 2 - 29, 30, 31 January and 1 February

    The closures will start at 9pm on the Friday and will be removed by 5am on the Monday. Closure dates may change due to unforeseen circumstances.

    We’ll also be closing the A556 in both directions to allow the M6 diversion to flow freely. The A556 will be closed northbound from the A5033 in Tabley and we’ll be closing the junction 7 exit slip road on the M56 westbound onto the A556, to reduce the number of HGVs using local roads.

    You can view maps of the diversion routes we will be using in the project information section of this page.

    Full closures M6 J18-20

    On 22, 24, 29 and 31 January, we’ll also need to close the M6 carriageway overnight in both directions between junctions 18 and 20. These closures will be in place from 9pm to 6am, and will allow us to widen the junction 19 slip roads to accommodate two lanes of traffic.

    We will be working with Cheshire East Council and Highways England’s Maintenance team to carry out additional activities during these closures

    To request our weekly updates on our planned closures, please email M6Junction19Improvement@highwaysengland.co.uk

    Removing the closures

    At 5am on the Mondays, we’ll start to remove all full closures from the network. From this time, we expect traffic to be able to travel along the M6, A556 and other local roads as usual, with no diversions in place. Due to there being multiple closures on the network at the same time, it will take our teams up to an hour to remove all traffic management from the network. During this time, some lane closures and speed restriction may remain in place. We’ll remove all traffic management by 6am, when the network will be open fully to road users.


  • 06 November 2020

    Latest news and upcoming closures

    There’s been a lot of activity on our site during recent months. We completed the foundations for the bridge as planned in the summer and we’ve since started to build the bridge walls on either side of the carriageway and within the centre of the motorway. Once these are complete, we’ll then be ready to lift the bridge beams into place early in 2021.

    In September, we removed existing street lighting, traffic lights and signage on the roundabout and installed new temporary signals. This allowed us to start the next phase of improvements, including widening the A556 northbound as you leave the junction.

    We’ve also added a new yellow box across the lanes on the Tabley side of the roundabout, as you exit onto the A556 south. We’ve already noticed an improvement with traffic moving more freely around the roundabout and reduced congestion during busy periods.

    What’s coming up

    Over the next few months, you’ll see some more big changes as we continue to build the bridge walls in the centre of the roundabout. We’ll also start making preparations to widen the roundabout, and install the new permanent lighting, signs and traffic light system on the surrounding roads. 

    November and December

    Permanent lane closures will continue to be in place on the roundabout and junction 19 slip roads throughout November and December, so there may be some additional delay during busy times.

    Over the coming months, we’ll need to use a number of full overnight closures to allow our teams to carry out a variety of construction work on the roundabout and the surrounding roads. Each closure will be in place from 8pm to 5am, and we will keep the roads open on Friday and Saturday nights.

    The majority of these full overnight closures will be south of the junction on the A556 in Tabley, as well as on the M6 northbound and southbound exit slip roads.

    We’ll also need to use some full overnight closures on the M6 motorway when traffic will be diverted up and over the junction.

    There will be no closures from Friday 18 December, for at least two weeks during the festive period.

    Get all the latest updates 

    If you’d like to receive information about upcoming closures and diversion routes, please contact us to request a copy of our weekly Traffic Management bulletin. Please email M6Junction19Improvement@highwaysengland.co.uk

     You can also visit Traffic England for real time information.


  • 04 September 2020

    Latest work update

    Most of our work so far has been taking place in the centre of the roundabout while we’ve been installing the foundations of the new bridge. We’ve now moved onto the next phase of work where we are building the bridge wall bases, which will support the bridge when it is lifted into place.

    We have also started work on the northbound carriageway of the A556, located just before the Green Bridge where we’re installing a specialised observation platform and acceleration lane. The construction period for this work is relatively short as we’re looking to complete the work and open the platform for DVSA and Police usage by late September/early October 2020.

    From Monday 14 September we’ll be closing the M6 junction 19 roundabout every night for two weeks. The closures will be from 9pm to 6am, and clearly signed diversion routes will be in place. Please check Traffic England for the latest closure information before you travel. You can also email us at M6Junction19Improvement@highwaysengland.co.uk to sign up for weekly roadwork notifications via email.


Project information

Project Diversion Routes

M6 junction 18 to 20 Northbound

M6 junction 20 to 18 Southbound

M6 Southbound J19 traffic to A556 (diversion via M6 J18)

M6 Northbound J19 traffic to A556 (diversion via M6 J20)

A556 Northbound Closure from Junction with A5033

M56 Westbound Closure of J7 exit slip link to A556

A556 Southbound Closure from Junction for Bucklow Hill

A556 Southbound Closure from Junction for Bucklow Hill (For traffic heading to M6)

A556 Northbound Closure (from J19 Roundabout for traffic heading towards Manchester)

Entry Slip from Mere to A556 Southbound

A556 diversion - closure of right hand turn into Pickmere lane

This busy junction is currently used by around 65,000 vehicles each day and is in need of improvement to meet the expected increase in traffic coming from the M6 and the A556. This increase is further exacerbated by the expansion of Manchester Airport (Airport City) and the development of the Wythenshawe MediPark. 

M6 junction 19 improvements are part of a wider collection of schemes to improve connections between Cheshire and South Manchester, including the completed A556 between Knutsford and Bowdon, the improved B5569, the M6 junction 16-19 smart motorway and the planned M56 junction 6-8 smart motorway. 

As part of this project, we are: 

  • building a two-way link across the junction to allow better connection between the M6 and A556, including a new bridge spanning the M6 motorway within the roundabout
  • renewing traffic signals on the roundabout and its approach roads and adding new traffic signals for the Tabley Hill Lane / Pickmere Lane junction 
  • adding new signs 
  • improving local access for walkers and cyclists using the junction

The improvements we’re making will reduce congestion in the future, improve safety and journey time reliability for all road users and increase connectivity between local areas. The project will also improve access for walkers and cyclists. 


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