Supply Chain

Highways England is looking to engage with companies of all sizes who might be interested in working on the Lower Thames Crossing project.

SME Directory

Please submit your company's details into the Lower Thames Crossing SME Directory. We will provide these details to tier 1 contractors looking to establish their supply chains on the project. This is how they may learn about you and decide who to contact, so consider your responses carefully and try not to skip any details. Enter information as you wish it to be seen in the Directory.

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Can I get involved even if I’m a small or local business?

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a key role in developing the national economy by generating employment opportunities, accelerating innovation, broadening skill-sets and enhancing productivity. We want to ensure SMEs and local businesses play a key part in the project’s supply chain, and this is also in line with the Government’s aspiration of ensuring 33% of all procurement spend is with SMEs by the end of this Parliament (2021/2022).

When the Lower Thames Crossing publishes invitations to tender, the first stages of the procurement process will be focused on Tier 1 entities. A Tier 1 is a large multidiscipline organisation that has the capability to manage and deliver big projects or packages of work. Opportunities will follow at a later stage for SMEs to bid for work on the project through the Tier 1 entities.

However, it is important that SMEs (and companies of all sizes) get involved now and register their interest on Bravo so they can:

  • Stay updated on the progress of the project, and receive information at the same time as everyone else who has registered interest
  • Get ready for when tenders go out, as some SMEs may be in dialogue with Tier 1 entities at this time
  • Provide their insight and opinions into the market engagement process, as it’s useful to hear information from some of the contractors who will actually be undertaking the works

We are developing a range of tools, guidance and workshops to support SMEs and local businesses that may be seeking opportunities to work as part of the Lower Thames Crossing supply chain. Our aim for this work is to develop local business and SME capabilities and skills to bid for work on the Lower Thames Crossing and other future infrastructure contracts. Updates on opportunities to get involved will be posted through BravoTwitter, and the Lower Thames Crossing website in the future.