Our partners

The Lower Thames Crossing will be delivered by many organisations, acting as an integrated team.

Lower Thames Crossing - Our partners

National Highways

The government agency that aims to deliver a better service for road users and to support a growing economy. National Highways work in the interests of taxpayers, road users and the millions of people who rely on the network every day.

Technical Partner

The Technical Partner is a joint venture between COWI and Arcadis and Jacobs.

Commercial Partner

The Commercial Partner will be responsible for providing an independent cost assurance and cost audit function across our three main works contracts as well as support National Highways in the commercial and contract management of our programme level contracts which includes our Technical Partner and Integration Partner contracts. The Commercial Partner contract will be awarded later in 2021.

Integration Partner

The Integration Partner will create a collaborative relationship between National Highways and all of its partners. Jacobs has been awarded the Integration Partner contract for the project.

Roads North of the Thames

In the coming weeks we will also begin our search for partners for the Roads North contract – to build the new routes north of the river.

Tunnels and systems

At 16 metres wide, our tunnels will be some of the largest bored tunnels in the world.  They will also be the longest road tunnels in the UK. We have invited tenders to build the road tunnel that sits at the heart of the proposed Crossing, the most ambitious roads project for a generation.

Kent Roads

In the coming weeks we will also begin our search for partners for the Kent Roads contract – to build the new routes south of the river.

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