A47 Blofield to North Burlingham

We’re upgrading the A47 between Blofield and North Burlingham to dual carriageway to ease congestion and support economic growth in the area.

Start date January-March 2022-23
End date 2024-25
Cost £50 million - £100 million

Latest updates

  • 26 February 2021

    Planning Inspectorate acceptance of scheme submission

    We are pleased to announce that our Development Consent Order Application was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate in December 2020. It has subsequently been accepted in January 2021, allowing us to progress through to examination. The next steps in the process can be found on the Planning Inspectorate's website.

    Members of the public can register to participate in the examination and provide a response to our application during the Relevant Representation period which has now commenced and will close on the 6 April 2021. 

    Details of how to respond are available on the A47 Blofield to North Burlingham Planning Inspectorate's web page.

    The Section 56 Notice notifies the public that the Blofield to North Burlingham Development Consent Order application has been accepted for examination. View the Section 56 Notice.

    We are continuing to carry out ground investigations and other survey works to progress a more detailed design for this scheme.

  • 14 September 2020

    Proposed design refined following consultation

    Since our public consultation in 2018, we have made further refinements to our proposed design. We are now sharing our current plans for this scheme that will relieve congestion and improve safety.

    We held a statutory consultation in autumn 2018, based on the route shown in our Preferred Route Announcement. We received 767 responses. Your feedback showed that 63% wanted us to improve the road and agreed that our proposals would help reduce congestion and shorten journey times.

    Based on the feedback, we have refined our proposals to address the common themes and concerns raised, whilst ensuring that the project solves the traffic problem, improves journey times and improves safety as key considerations. You can view our latest design in our summer 2020 project update.

    We have also done more ground investigations and surveys, including using radar to detect underground plastic water and gas pipes; traffic surveys; and air quality monitoring. Environment and ecology surveys are continuing.

    We have been talking to affected landowners, local authorities, parish councils and environmental bodies. We have met with local landowners and will be meeting with more residents in the local area over the coming months.

    We successfully completed the archaeological trial trenching in June this year.

Project information


Our proposal is to replace the existing single-lane section of the A47 between Blofield and North Burlingham with a new two-lane dual carriageway 70m south of the existing road.

We plan to make safety improvements to the Yarmouth Road junction, closing the right turn and adding a dedicated lane to join the A47. We will also add new bridge over the new dual carriageway to connect the villages of Blofield and North Burlingham, and to take traffic from Blofield toward Great Yarmouth.

In addition, we also are proposing changes to the east junction, with a new two-tier junction connecting B1140 South Walsham Road (north of the A47) with B1140 Coxhill Road (south of the A47).

For safety reasons, we are proposing to close the direct access from Lingwood Road and Lingwood Lane to this stretch of the A47 when it becomes a dual carriageway.

With this scheme, we’re aiming to: 

  • improve safety and reduce collisions 
  • help sustainable economic growth by supporting employment and residential development opportunities 
  • reduce delays and make journey times more reliable  
  • improve amenities for cyclists and pedestrians 


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