A14 concrete surface repairs and maintenance

We'll be carrying out repairs and maintenance on the stretches of concrete road surface on the A14 carriageway between junction 52 and junction 55 in both directions, as well as other repairs and maintenance during 2021. The work will include repairs to the concrete surface on the main carriageway, clearing drains, repainting road markings, and inserting new reflective road studs (cat’s eyes).

Start date 14 January 2021
End date End of February 2021
Cost £2.7 million

Project information

Main carriageway between junction 52 and junction 55, January to February

We are resurfacing and repairing potholes and cracks in the concrete road surface on the A14 main carriageway between junction 52 and junction 55 in both directions. This project is part of the Highways England concrete roads programme in the East region.

To keep traffic flowing on the A14 whilst we carry out work, a temporary contraflow system will be used. This is where traffic is transferred from its usual side to share the other half of the carriageway, with traffic moving in both directions.

We will be coordinating these roadworks around our project to make changes to the Orwell Bridge: the improvements will help avoid bridge closures during high winds (up to 70mph).

Road closures

Since the introduction of the latest national Covid-19 lockdown restrictions were announced on Monday 4 January, less traffic is using the A14 and we expect this trend to continue. Less daytime traffic means that we can now do our work in longer shifts and work during the daytime as well as nights. As a result, we can shorten the overall duration of the roadworks from the previous nine weeks down to four weeks, subject to weather conditions.

Whilst the number of vehicles using the road is less than normal, there are still periods during the morning peak (7am and 9am) and evening peak travel times (4pm and 6pm) when traffic may be slightly higher. Please plan ahead to minimise impact to your journey.

Eastbound and westbound road closed, junction 52 to junction 55

Our repairs to the A14 road surface were going well, and we had done more road repairs than was originally planned. Unfortunately, the recent snow and bad weather has caused temporary delays to our work. As a result, we now expect the majority of our repair work to be finished by Wednesday 17 February. We will then begin to remove the contraflow and we must close the A14 to do this safely.

Some of our remaining work will need to be done after the contraflow is removed. This includes new road markings, replacing cat’s eyes, and repairing areas of the A14 that could not be done whilst the contraflow was in place.

To do all this safely, we will need to close the A14 eastbound overnight from 8pm and 6am on Wednesday 17 February, and westbound each night from 8pm and 6am from 18 February to 24 February inclusive. All lanes on the A14 should be open during the day from 6am on 25 February onwards, although some lanes will be closed at night time between 25 February and 3 March inclusive whilst we remove the average speed camera equipment that is being used to enforce the temporary speed limits through the roadworks.

All dates are subject to weather conditions.

You can read about the work we’ve been doing in our latest newsletter.


Eastbound traffic will be diverted off the A14 at Claydon (junction 52) and onto the B1113, to then follow the B1113 onto Swan Hill, to then take Chapel Lane onto London Road and follow London Road to then take the A12 and re-join the A14 at junction 55. Westbound traffic will follow the same diversion in reverse. Please see the diversion map.

Police will enforce traffic restrictions and speed limits on the diversion routes.

Diversion map

We will be encouraging long-distance traffic to take alternative routes to avoid congestion around our roadworks and ensure there are shorter delays to local journeys. To do this, we will use electronic message signs to give the most suitable diversion around the roadworks. Please follow the official diversions.

A14 concrete surface repairs - diversion map


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