Alternative options assessment work

Since we made our preferred route announcement in May 2020, we’ve been carrying out various studies and surveys. This is to help us better understand areas such as the environment, ecology, heritage and drainage along the route, including how we will deliver the construction of the project.

Alternative options assessment work


21 May 2021

As work has progressed on our design for the A66, we’ve identified two locations – Kirkby Thore and Warcop – where there is an opportunity to revise the proposed route to further reduce the environmental and ecological impact.

We’re investigating these opportunities further, so it is too early to say whether this work will result in changes to the preferred route. If our assessment work identifies deliverable enhancements to the preferred route at Kirkby Thore and Warcop, we will consult on any further option or options as part of the statutory consultation that we are planning later this year.

We’ve been engaging with local residents and landowners around the potential alternative routes in Kirkby Thore and Warcop. Below you can see copies of the leaflets which have been distributed to local people and other stakeholders to tell them about this work.

Kirkby Thore leaflet

Warcop leaflet