Our story so far

Our story so far

Six booklets that describe the progress Highways England has made during its first four years.

Putting safety first

We prioritise the safety of people who travel and work on our roads above everything else. Our road network is one of the safest in the world, but we can do better.

Delivering for everyone

Our launch as a government-owned company marked a radical new approach to road investment in the UK, with a five-year cycle replacing annual funding rounds.

Caring for our customers

We've been working hard to get better at listening to our customers, understanding their views and anticipating their needs.

Protecting the environment

There's a need to balance people's need to travel on our roads with doing all we can to protect and improve the environment.

Driving efficiency

The Department for Transport has set us a challenging efficiency target - keeping us focussed on getting the best possible return on investment.

Adding value through designated funds

We're considering the wider outcomes of what we do - from the land and communities surrounding our roads to the country's economic growth.