The Lower Thames Crossing will be the biggest road project in the UK since the M25

The Lower Thames Crossing will form a vital part of the U.K.’s transport infrastructure, and the areas it will serve are home to economic hubs, key U.K. ports and thriving communities. It will help businesses large and small to grow and bring people and communities closer to jobs, education and leisure opportunities.

The Lower Thames Crossing will almost double road capacity across the River Thames, east of London. The 70mph crossing and the new connecting road network will provide, quicker, safer and more reliable journeys locally, regionally and nationally. At the end of 2018, the project completed the most significant roads consultation ever undertaken in the U.K. with a record-breaking response. The project is now in a critical phase of development as we help Highways England seek permission to build the crossing and begin the procurement to identify the partners that will undertake the construction.

Highways England appointed the LTC CASCADE joint venture as Technical Partner on the Lower Thames Crossing, the LTC CASCADE joint venture – consists of Design and Consultancy firm Arcadis, engineering and programme management company Jacobs, and tunnel and bridge specialists COWI – will provide technical support throughout the project’s development and construction. The joint venture’s role will run through the future stages of the project and include detailed environmental surveys, traffic modelling, economic analysis, planning and design of the preferred route, full environmental impact assessments, engagement and consultation activities and preparation of the Development Consent Order (DCO) application.

Highways England are a government company charged with operating, maintaining and improving England’s motorways and major A roads.

Formerly the Highways Agency, they became a government company in April 2015.

Highways England’s road network totals around 4,300 miles. While this represents only 2 per cent of all roads in England by length, these roads carry a third of all traffic by mileage and two thirds of all heavy goods traffic.

Highways England will deliver £15 billion of investment on the road network as described in the government’s Road Investment strategy.

This includes £11 billion of capital funding committed between 2015 and 2020 – as set out in our Strategic Business Plan.

Highways England’s ambition is to ensure our major roads are more dependable, durable and – most importantly – are safe. They work hard to make sure the road network is:

  • free flowing – where routine delays are infrequent and journeys are reliable
  • safe and serviceable – where no one should be harmed when travelling or working
  • accessible and integrated – so people are free to choose their mode of transport and can move safely across and alongside our roads

And aim to:

  • support economic growth with a modern and reliable road network that reduces delays, creates jobs, helps business and opens up new areas for development
  • ensure our activities result in a long-term and sustainable benefit to the environment

Visit the Highways England website to learn more.

From climate change to rapid urbanization, our world is a more complex place.

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