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To improve the design of the proposed Lower Thames Crossing, and help us plan how we build it, we are currently undertaking a series of works at locations throughout North Kent and Essex. These works are to help us refine our plans ahead of our application for the Development Consent Order. (Read more about our survey works in our leaflet.)

We are continuing with the following works:

Our next phase of ground investigation surveys has begun. The techniques being used are the same as our initial works carried out in our first phase of investigations with cable percussion boreholes being the most common. This involves a 7m tall frame lowering drilling tools up to 60m deep.

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The second phase of these surveys started in April 2020 and continue until October 2020.
Most of the work will take place Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm with the possibility of some weekends. The majority of the work will take place on private property, such as farmland. The work will be carried out in multiple locations, north of the Thames in Essex and south of the Thames in Kent.

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This phase of works began in May 2020 and will continue until August 2020. Some survey locations include public roads which may require either a full road closure or lane closure with temporary traffic lights.

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Information for land and property owners

Highways England have produced a series of booklets to provide assistance to land and property owners located near the proposed Lower Thames Crossing.

Legacy and benefits

We are working with our stakeholders to identify opportunities to help local communities. The design will deliver enormous benefits, but we want to do more. We want to leave a lasting legacy for both residents and visitors. That could mean new walking, cycling and horse riding networks, creating apprenticeships and jobs as well as identifying volunteering opportunities.

We have already started working with local stakeholders, organisations and groups to identify the best areas to concentrate on.

We will be publishing more information on our approach to maximising the benefits of the scheme in the future, sign up for alerts.

Local engagement events

One way we are supporting local businesses, particularly SMEs, is through our partnership with the Supply Chain School, you can register for the upcoming events.

Business engagement

We continue to engage with a broad range of businesses across Essex and Kent, including ports, freight companies and retail organisations, as well as business representative groups, through which we can reach their member networks of thousands of businesses across the region.

We work to build relationships with these businesses and organisations, by updating them every step of the way on the development of the project, and hearing their views about how the Lower Thames Crossing will enable their businesses to grow.

Do you live in or near the development?
Find out more about our plans and how that may affect your land or property here

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