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The most ambitious road scheme in a generation, designed to improve journeys across the southeast and open up new connections and opportunities for people and businesses.

A proposed new road connecting Kent, Thurrock and Essex through a tunnel beneath the River Thames.

The new road would benefit the Lower Thames area around Kent, Thurrock and Essex. It would:

  • almost double road capacity across the River Thames east of London – from four lanes in each direction currently (at Dartford) to seven lanes each way (Dartford plus the Lower Thames Crossing)
  • cut congestion on the Dartford Crossing by reducing the amount of traffic using the route by 22%
  • improve journey times along sections of the A127 and M20
  • cut congestion on approach roads to the Dartford Crossing (including parts of the M25, A13 and A2)
  • support sustainable local development and regional economic growth in the medium to long term
  • be affordable to government and users
  • achieve value for money
  • minimise adverse impacts on health and the environment
  • relieve the congested Dartford Crossing and approach roads, and improve their performance by providing free-flowing, north-south capacity
  • improve resilience of the Thames crossings and the major road network
  • improve safety

The Lower Thames Crossing proposals include:

  • two 2.6 mile (4.3km) tunnels crossing beneath the river, one for southbound traffic and one for northbound traffic – the longest road tunnel in the UK
  • approximately 14.3 miles (23km) of new roads connecting the tunnel to the existing road network
  • three lanes in both directions, apart from the southbound connection between the M25 and A13, where it would be two lanes, and around junctions
  • technology providing lane control and variable speed limits up to 70mph
  • upgrades to the M25, A2 and A13 where it connects to those roads, new structures and changes to existing ones including bridges, viaducts and utilities such as electricity pylons
  • a free-flow charging system, where drivers do not need to stop but pay remotely, similar to that at the Dartford Crossing
  • provision of environment mitigation and replacement of open space and common land

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