Our challenges

Our future vision for the Strategic Road Network (SRN) up to 2050 is set out in our ‘Connecting the Country’ report. This – together with our three imperatives of safety, customer and delivery – is the guiding light for our innovation priorities.

‘Safety’, ‘Customer’ and ‘Delivery’ remain our three company imperatives and these are the guiding principles to our vision.

We have looked at the steps we may need to take over the coming decades, including the changes to operation and practice which could be required. In addition, we have also developed our health and safety innovation priorities for 2012 to 2020 (PDF 2MB), setting out a clear vision for the challenges we face, and a 30 year Pavements Innovation, Technology and Research Plan (PDF 1MB).

Many of the changes will be strongly linked and we have identified five change themes.

Our ambitious steps to achieving the long term vision for the Strategic Road Network are grouped within the five change themes and will support these step changes alongside present day business requirements.

Innovation change themes and challenges

Steps to the future SRN

Design, construction, and maintenance

Deploying new materials and construction techniques
Increasing asset connectivity and digitisation
Automating construction to speed up delivery
Creating a network of self-sustaining, smart assets

Connected and autonomous vehicles

Providing network connectivity
Realising fully connected and safer roads
Preparing for a driverless network
Supporting CAV-only roads

Customer mobility

Providing for new mobility choices
Creating high quality connections for our customers
Enabling seamless journeys across integrated transport modes
Providing guaranteed customer journeys

Energy and the environment

Reducing impacts on our neighbours
Progress reduce,reuse and recycle
Phasing out internal combustion
Improving the environment, with a positive bio-diversity footprint


Optimising use of data’
Integrating networks between the road, operators, and customers
Creating an intelligent, self monitoring, and reactive network
Achieving a near zero disruption network
Next steps
Future ambition