Highways England Post Incident Bulletin

Our Post Inci­dent Bul­letins were first intro­duced on a trial basis back in 2014 and fol­low­ing over­whelm­ingly pos­i­tive feed­back they have been an ever present fea­ture on our web­site since. We con­tinue to receive cus­tomer feed­back and encour­age you to remain read­ing the bul­letins and let­ting us know what you think. The bul­letins are archived by year and month for ease of ref­er­ence mak­ing them eas­ier to search for and improve their functionality.

High­ways Eng­land under­stands that many of our cus­tomers wish to find out about how the most severe inci­dents affect jour­neys and how our resources respond to such events in part­ner­ship with Emer­gency Ser­vices. Quite often cus­tomers never get to see the rea­sons for delays on the Strate­gic Road Net­work which is man­aged by our­selves and the immense  work which is involved in clear­ing an inci­dent to enable a road to reopen.  As a result, you can be left won­der­ing what all the fuss was about?

Based at the National Traf­fic Oper­a­tions Cen­tre (NTOC) near Birm­ing­ham, we have an expe­ri­enced  team of National Inci­dent Liai­son Offi­cers (NILO). These offi­cers pro­vide real time infor­ma­tion about inci­dents to our cus­tomers via social media as well as real time traf­fic infor­ma­tion to the travel media. We also how­ever aim to pro­vide you with a greater level of infor­ma­tion about some of the most sig­nif­i­cant inci­dents on our net­work and where appro­pri­ate, pro­vide you with images to help you under­stand the chal­leng­ing nature of such circumstances.

We intro­duced ‘Post Inci­dent Bul­letins’ to pro­vide this insight into the most sig­nif­i­cant and high­est impact­ing unplanned inci­dents on our net­work. They con­tain the impor­tant key facts and timescales about an inci­dent to help you bet­ter under­stand the chal­leng­ing issues our Traf­fic Offi­cers and Con­trac­tors face and illus­trate how we respond to and ulti­mately clear such Inci­dents and restore nor­mal conditions.

All feed­back is wel­come and will be use­ful in help­ing us develop and enhance the ser­vice we pro­vide for you.

Remem­ber, you can get up-to-date traf­fic infor­ma­tion via our Twit­ter chan­nels or by con­tact­ing our Cus­tomer Con­tact Cen­tre on 0300 123 5000 or info@highwaysengland.co.uk