Highways England RSS Traffic API

API Benefits

RSS based data

Data is provided in the standard RSS or Rich Site Summary format. This should make it easy for developers and individuals to use and the format is compatible with a range of existing RSS readers and plugins to make it easy to incorporate the feeds into your own websites and devices.

Easy to use and light weight

The RSS API is a stripped back version of the traffic data we provide via ‘Datex II’, it is designed to provide the important event data but not all the extra data from Datex II that most users won’t need. Alongside the more familiar RSS format, this should make it quicker and easier for developers and individuals to use the data and get what they want. Those who want the deeper level of information that ‘Datex II’ provides can subscribe to use that via our Traffic England site.

It is FREE to use

Our data is provided free to use under the terms of the Open Government License. All we ask is that if you use our data then you acknowledge us as the source and provide a link back to this page so that others can take advantage of this data as well. You do not have to register to use this API, but if you do it is nice if you let us know. We are interested to know in what new and novel ways people are using our data. Also, if we know who you are then we can contact you with news about our data and let you know when their are issues or when we make changes. You can contact us at digital.communications@highwaysengland.co.uk.

Available datasets

The API essentially gives users access to our available planned (scheduled roadworks) and unplanned (incidents such as accidents etc.) events data for all of the motorways and major trunk roads that make up the Highways England network. The underlying data is used in our mobile apps, on Traffic England and provides the data for our roadworks search tool and our current traffic conditions search tool.

The type of information you can get out of the API includes the following:

  • all events
  • unplanned events
  • current and future planned events
  • events by road
  • events by county
  • events by region
  • events within a defined radius (in km) of a specified location (by longitude and latitude)
  • events by severity (minor, moderate, severe)
  • events by active period (specify start and end date)
  • events just for today
  • sort events – define a sort field and list by road, category or location etc.

Using the API

Our RSS based API is free for anyone to use and is designed to be as easy to use as possible. Individuals for example could use it to generate their own custom RSS feed of data relevant to them. Or developers could use the data to power their own apps.

Registration is not required to use the API, but it is useful if organisations using our feeds let us know, so that we can keep them updated on changes and any issues with our data.

Users can also check this page for the latest news and status updates.

Full details of how to use the API are available in our detailed documentation.

Existing users

Any existing users of the API that are still receiving RSS data from the old ‘http://hatrafficinfo.dft.gov.uk’ and the ‘http://api.hatrafficinfo.dft.gov.uk’ domains should upgrade to use the feeds from the new ‘http://m.highways.gov.uk’ domain as soon as possible.

Other data sources

Planned roadworks data

Unplanned incident data

Traffic England

You can subscribe, for free, to traffic data direct from Traffic England, this is provided primarily in the ‘Datex II’ format to be used for research purposes or for developers to include in their own applications. Subscribe to Traffic England.

Highways England network journey time and traffic flow data

Data on the average journey time, speed and traffic flow for 15-minute periods since April 2015 on all motorways and ‘A’ roads managed by Highways England is available as part of the new WebTRIS platform.


Other data-sets will be published on our pages on the ‘data.gov.uk’ website as they become available.