Transparency policy

Published March 2019


We attach considerable importance to being an open and transparent organisation.

We consider transparency to be an important part of what we do and of keeping the public and industry informed about our activity and our performance against our key performance indicators.

We’ll publish by default all reports and documents that we’re required to produce under our licence agreement with the Department for Transport and our statutory obligations, or to fulfil legal requirements.

We start from a position of openness to those publications not directly required under our licence agreement. We’ll incorporate transparency by design.

Exceptions to this policy will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will be determined by:

  • commercial sensitivity
  • detriment to the public interest
  • impact on our strategic road network neighbours (e.g. blight)

We’ll provide fit for purpose, accessible information that meets our statutory requirements, the interests and needs of stakeholders, the customers who use our roads and the communities alongside them.

We recognise that there may be particular public interest in issues such as:

  • our vision of the future of the strategic road network
  • the impact of our work on the environment
  • our key performance indicators, core objectives or conditions of our licence
  • our financial performance

We recognise that there may be advantages to:

  • enabling closer collaboration with external stakeholders
  • contributing to or enabling wider debate on issues of particular public interest
  • allowing for wider academic research

We’ll take a balanced approach that satisfies the legitimate expectations of stakeholders and customers, benefits the company and avoids excessive use of internal resources.

Where appropriate, we’ll focus on the benefits and outcomes of our work, why it matters and why we do it, and go beyond simply talking about our outputs and what we produce.

Recognising our obligation to deliver value for money, we’ll seek to avoid excessive use of time and resource to publish materials for which there may be limited or no justification, demand or associated benefit.

We’ll use plain English and make our information as easy as we can to understand and use.

We’ll secure, handle and use information in line with statute.


High-level requirements

Anything we publish will be:

  • free of personal information, or anonymised with all personal information removed
  • redacted to protect commercial, personal, security or resilience requirements
  • compliant to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act or Environmental Information Regulations
  • linked to the conditions of our licence
  • linked to our key performance indicators
  • beneficial to closer collaboration with external stakeholders
  • contributing to wider public awareness of debate on an issue or project, or allowing for wider industry or academic research

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