Innovation Fund

To actively encourage more innovation and use of technology to create a modern Strategic Road Network to connect the country.

We are a world-leading roads company that invests heavily in innovation and works with partners to develop a network that is fit for the future. The Innovation Fund is a key part of this by actively encouraging more innovation and the use of technology to connect the country in a safe, efficient and sustainable way.

We are aware of how quickly technology changes and the impact this has on the services that we need to deliver. Our collaborations with industry and education institutions are key to ensuring we are up to date with the latest innovations. Our fund is designed to sustain beneficial partnerships and foster new relationships throughout the roads period and beyond.

We are not just about technological innovations. Innovation covers new approaches to infrastructure and asset delivery and management as well as sustainable operations. We support advancements under the following topics:

  • Safety technology – technology that has specific safety benefits such as collision avoidance systems and tunnel safety systems.
  • Improving infrastructure – improving asset management, improving asset performance and delivery through new construction techniques and materials.
  • Data and information – innovative technology to collect or supply information from or to users of the road network, including provision of better connectivity, consideration of new location technologies and innovative information services.
  • New (emerging) technologies – in-vehicle, vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to infrastructure communications and services including connected and autonomous vehicles work.
  • Support to sustainable operation – innovative technology that supports improved environmental outcomes as well as ensuring service levels are maintained on the network for longer (e.g. influencing and managing demand)


To be considered for funding, a proposal is reviewed and assessed against the following key criteria:

  • The proposed scheme supports a new idea, trial or process
  • Adds value to the Strategic Road Network and can be capitalised
  • Supports the trialling/piloting of innovative services on the Strategic Road Network
  • Not currently or previously trialled on the network
  • Complies with ISA98 or ESA10 standards for accounting
  • Supports one of the five key topics:
    • Safety technology
    • Improving infrastructure
    • Data and information
    • New/emerging technologies
    • Support to sustainable operation
  • Can be used for business as usual delivery in Road Period 2 (post 2020)
    We can’t fund a duplicate trial so if the proposal is already being trialled on the network, we will link you with the existing scheme trial and identify any opportunities to involve you in the existing work.